In a game of Chess when all the pieces have fallen, a lone surviving pawn can turn into a powerful queen if it reaches the end of the board. In a game of politics, if you are not the king, make sure you are that surviving pawn.

Did Malaysian future First-Lady bought 14 wristwatches worth RM 7 million in a shopping spree in Hong Kong?

Well, no wonder whom ever who broke into my house do not even bother to take my wristwatch because mine is the “branset” or better known as “Cap Ayam” type compared to the diamond studded Rolex which cost RM500,000 each.

Did Rolex actually cost that much? I don’t know. But I know that I once fall in love with a Tag Heuer that cost around RM2,500. I save my money for it but, when I had enough, I changed my mind and I rather to continue to love the watch that I shall never buy then buy the watch and never to use it because I feel guilty of spending so much money on it.

I was told by my source that the lady bought those watch as a gifts to few peoples in certain Ministries.

People asked me why I did not reveal my source, I told them, in western countries, reporters rather go to prison then exposing their source. I shall do the same.

People told me what I have written is all lies until I furnish the evidence to support it. I asked those people, what about when the Government sent people to Kamunting under ISA, did the government release the evidence to the public or at least present it in the Parliament.

I still remember during the ‘Operasi Lalang’ the ‘kertas putih’ was released in Parliament to support Government decision under Tun Dr. Mahathir’s administration to detain these people under the ISA.

Did we see any ‘kertas putih’ on the Hindraf, Raja Petra Kamaruddin and those Jemaah Islamiyah detainees?

When the Government claimed that Hindraf’s leaderships have some connection with the Tamil Tigers, let us ask where is the evidence? When the government accused Raja Petra Kamaruddin as inciting unrest by insulting Islam, let us ask, where is the evidence?

I am just asking for a level playing field from those UMNO’s ‘toilet paper’ boys. If you do not have balls to taste your own medicine, then just move aside please.

By the way, I heard Najib has sodomised Abdullah pretty hard that Abdullah cannot even sit on the premier seat without tears flowing like a stream. My father always reminded me, not to kick a man when he is down. For that, perhaps time has come for me to make peace with Pak Lah.

It is not nice for us to let Abdullah goes into the history book and being remembered in disgrace as “Bapa Kemaluan”. Pak Lah should fight to defend his premiership and go down in dignity.

Because the moment your cease from becoming the president, those UMNO ‘toilet paper’ boys will be to occupy to wipe your successor’s ass. It will be left to us, the people who you take for granted to take care of you. I hope if you actually learned something from your premiership, it is the fate of your predecessor is the lesson.

So, I make a sumpah to myself, if tomorrow or come Wednesday, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi decided to stand fighting for another term as the President of UMNO, I shall stop kicking him.

When you hurt the people of your own kind, I am the first to crucify you, but when you are hurt and fighting for your dignity as a man, I shall be the first to support you!

You have my word Dollah. And this is Kickdefella not the UMNO ‘toilet paper’ boys making the sumpah. Trust me Dollah. Please trust me… so Please trust me. If you don’t trust me then just declare that you going to stand for the election so you can see how truthful am I. He he he…