Many like myself yearning the days once we are so proud of being Malaysian. How noteworthy to recall those days as also the years where Anwar Ibrahim was behind bar. By acknowledging this mean we also recognize Anwar’s contributions towards dividing the nation for his own interest.

Anwar is never alone in promoting personal interest. I long believe Ibrahim Ali also contributed to the nation’s annoyance. Like Anwar, I today conclude, Ibrahim too plays considerable role in tearing down the nation.

I always perceived Anwar and Ibrahim in the same boat. While Anwar administer the united opposition, Ibrahim productively split the Barisan Nasional coalition.

There’s nothing wrong reminding the Malays about their special rights. It’s noble for one to fight  for one race well-being. But If we choose this line than we must also agree that nothing is wrong for the non-bumis to fight for equality.

What Malay leaders ought to do is to aggressively forcing the Malays to productively build upon their special rights. In other word, to do the right thing about the rights given to them. Have we the Malays been doing this? How many of us actually not just understand about our special rights but make use of the privileges with accountability and dignity? How many Malay businessmen has been doing this? As for every rights or privileges come responsibility not just for our own self but for mankind.

God created us equal, politicians divide us, to make us conquerable for their survival and longevity. Now seemingly Lim Kit Siang and Guan Eng wanted us to listen to god and not to Ibrahim Ali. But again, the father, the son and all the terrifying ghosts are politicians too.

We have reached the crossroad never Malaysians before us since Merdeka had arrived. Doesn’t matter what 52% of Malaysian voted for because as we know, their ballots are divided into more than 3 political parties. However 48% of Malaysians, wholeheartedly voted for a single symbol which represented a legitimate coalition to form a Federal Government with 21-seats more than 112-seats require for a simple-majority in Dewan Rakyat. We have today 149 Muslim Parliamentarian, which partly entitled them to be acknowledge as Malay under the constitution. That is already two-third majority in Dewan Rakyat. So what the worries?

Do we still want to torch down this country that our forefather had build with blood, tears and sweat? Please, let us stay together and stop hurting each other.

And, I beg UMNO, UTUSAN MALAYSIA and TV3 to instead lead us the journey forward. Help make a modern and progressive Malays out of our children. I believe more success to come if we choose to preach love and compassion.