I wish to thank my buddies whom have taken good care of this blog for a while now. The thought of surrendering this blog to them in total has been around for a moment or two. On the other hand the consequences after the last election has forced me to have second thoughts.

However if I were to carry on contributing, what shall my writing revolve around. I don’t kick a man when they are down. So maybe you never read about Nik Aziz or Husam Musa again in my writing. Yet I find nothing appealing about the present political developments apart from frustration greater than before.

If I to end my writing about my disillusions, then I shall admit there is nothing to write about within the current political climate.

In that case, I should write about hope. Perhaps.

Yes, my hope that after GE 13, a new strong government will be installed by the electoral then again all faith were dashed.

My anticipation that after GE 13, we will became a stronger nation, again we are at the present more divided than ever.

My optimism that after GE 13, we will converse about love, still we speak about hatred in much nastier fashion now than ever.

If we were to start new, where do we actually commence?

I have no desire to kick-off by addressing hatred, lies, boycotting this and that etc. Not to mention talking about race and religions.

Do I still possess a space in the new-media?

Will somebody bother to read if I not write all above? Will you live to tell the tale with me? If your answer is yes, than let me say, shall we…