Cloak and Dagger.

“One of the most important recipes for success in a war against guerrillas is timely and accurate information. General Walker was well aware of this, and was determined to have a first-class Special Branch and Military Intelligence machine” – The Undeclared War.

However, even a well-oiled intelligence machine needs the support of the society to work with distinction.

What had happened in Lahad Datu and Semporna in recent days are signs of an ill-fated guerrilla’s war in the making between Malaysia and Sulu’s Bandits. This is the type of war that cannot be won by the might of the armed forces alone.

Rest assured, Malaysia has abundant of experiences fighting guerrilla warfare. We once modelled our Special Branch solely to battle the Chinese Terrorist during the emergency, however, the recent development in Sabah make us wonder, have we forgotten our skills?

Malaysians, me included (who live far away from Sabah), are getting restless. We were hopping for a swift end to this standoff, yet only to realise, it may swell into a civil war.

While our friendly media, based on unnamed intelligence agency trying to link opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim and his PAKATAN buddies with this turmoil, let me also remind us beyond politic, that it takes two to tango.

What had happened to our double-o-seven in southern Philippines? How can this Sulu’s Bandits planned, gathered, armed and infiltrated our sovereignty without our James Bond sending messages home? This region has been the source of problems to Sabah for decades now which make more sense if we just admit that our boys has been overly intoxicated with Vodka Martini in Mindanao rather than admitting we have no intelligence networking there.

Or our SB back home are too occupied with the nonsense brought by rogue politicians we elected as opposition in last election, and overlook the messages sent by our Mr. Bond?

And if the latter is true, we only have ourselves to blame.

The People’s Power.

Okay, let us push aside the blaming game and let us face the reality. Within the last three days, blood has been shed. Seven (updated 13:12 3/3/2013) of our heroes succumbed to martyrdom. More than ten are now incapacitated.

Diplomacy has broke down.

Where do we go from here? With the general election just around the corner, I can only say, the way to win this battle is only by electing a strong and united political coalition into power. We have seen what we can achieve when we elected a strong government in the pass.

Some of us maybe too old to armed ourselves for war, some too weak and some too afraid but nothing can deny our power to elect a strong government.

Let us save our Malaysia.