Has Fuziah been eating anything from the microwave oven lately? Microwave oven needs Yytrium, product of rare earth refinery like Lynas.

Some very sophisticated, ultra-devious people, who are experts in mass brainwashing practically, have misled the whole Kuantan and Malaysian population.

They made use of articles that are nothing more than packs of idiotic, irrational, emotional, irresponsible and illogical but well conceived propaganda and these super-brainwasher experts have obvious and evil intentions and one of these is too obvious to mention.

Camera lenses contain Lanthanum produced by rare earth refinery plant like Lynas.

Democracy to them means, “Demons who are crazy for power DEMONstrating like crazy!”

In Bukit Merah, the radiation comes from Thorium and Uranium, which are our own, and has been in Malaysia for billions of years. Although the radiation from the ore used in Bukit Merah ARE Earth Plant are 3,700% that of the Lynas waste, there is no definite well-controlled scientific proof that the cases of leukaemia and birth defects are cause by radiation from the waste.

No anti-Lynas folks on board please! All airplane use rare earth elements produced by rare earth refinery plant like Lynas.

Unscrupulous people have been using videos and pictures of patients with congenital abnormalities to instil fear into the population. The is no scientific proof that these cases are caused by radiation.

The Truth About Rare Earth

Rare earth metals and elements are a commonly misunderstood resource in the world. They are neither rare nor nuclear. In fact, rare earth metals are plentiful and could prove to be a bountiful source of environmentally friendly technology.

There are a total of 17 rare earth metals, which are divided into two groups. 15 of these are clumped together in the same section of the periodic table known as the lanthanide group. The other two are in different areas of the table, but exhibit similar properties. They are defined as being metals that are found diffused within the rock. This means they are not found clumped together.

No PET Scan for Fuziah, Mat Sabu and geng. It contains rare earth element produced by rare earth refinery like Lynas.

Myth 1: Rare earths are rare 

Quite simply, they are not rare. The term rare is also applied to gasses such as krypton, argon, helium and neon. These are also abundant in our planet, but are called rare because they have a low density and have therefore been rarefied. This is to say that rare does not always mean hard to find.

As for rare earths, they are called rare because they are rarely found in big clumps. Metals like gold; copper and silver can be found in veins running through the rock. Hit the vein and follow it to get the metal. This is a simple process developed millennia ago by prehistoric man.

Rare earths were first discovered in the 18th century by Swedes. In order to get enough usable rare earth vast quantities of rock has to be processed.

This is the expensive part. Rare earth metals are found in the same pieces of rock as common transition metals, but it is expensive to extract them from the rock and to fuse them together into a useable amount.

Myth 2: They are not nuclear

It is important to realize that many metals can be found in the same place. This is the same for rare earth metals and for metals such as uranium and thorium. As a result, rare earth metals can become a by-product of nuclear metal extraction, but are not necessarily tainted by those metals.

As radioactive materials are a natural by product, in the form of slurry tailings, of rare earth extraction, all companies have to abide by strict waste containment rules.

They are extremely safe materials to handle and to have in modern products such as phones and computers. Next time you’re travelling abroad and searching for cheap travel insurance remember that modern jets wouldn’t be possible without rare earths.

All protective eyewear contains Yytrium, produced by rare earth refinery like Lynas.

What are they used for?

Rare earth metals are used for all manner of new technologies. Many of these are green technologies vital to environmental accords such as Copenhagen and Kyoto. For example, the magnets needed in a 3-megawatt wind turbine are made from rare earth metals. They are also used in mobile phones, computers and solar panels.

Cerium is used as an oxidizing agent and in lighter flints. Lanthanum is found in camera lenses. Samarium is used in magnet and lasers. Scandium is used as an alloy with aluminium to form components for aeroplanes as well as mercury-vapour lamps. Yttrium is used in microwaves and TVs. The list goes on including rare earths used for x-ray tubes, welding goggles and PET Scan detectors.

Myth 3: World Supply

A common misconception is that China pretty much controls the world supply of rare earth metals. This is utterly false. Perhaps it has a lead on the market, but it does not control all the resources. To do this, it would need to control the world. That is right. The world sits on an estimated 99 million metric tonnes of rare earth metals. That is a heck of a lot of metal to process and to fashion into useful products.

Fuziah, switch-off this energy saving bulb please! Mercury vapor lamps used Scandium which came from rare earth refinery plant like Lynas.

What is true, however, is that China processes a large amount of rare earth metals. 80 per cent of what it produces is from the Inner Mongolia region in the very north of the country. This allows it to produce 97 per cent of the world’s rare earth metal oxide supply and allows it to hold about one-third of the world’s rare earth metal supply.

These are fearsome numbers, but America holds a vast supply of these metals, as does Japan. In fact, Japan could carry on producing goods at its current rate for three years before it began to run out. There are also the deposits being mined by Lynas in Australia and planned to processed in Malaysia, plus new deposits are being found here, in Russia, Australia, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Canada and so on.

The truth is, those who are spreading the lies about Rare Earth are actually the one that are rare in this beautiful world. Sadly plenty of them resided in this beloved country of us. Our great nation is in grave danger thanks to those unscrupulous anti-Lynas folks. Its time that we educate ourselves about rare earth so we can prevent ourselves from succumb to the their contagious lies.

(The blog owner would like to thanks Dato’ Dr. Looi Hoong Wah and Lucy Faraday for the inputs).