“I would like to be more than just a Blogger. I would like to be at the head of an army that topples this government. But that does not work any more” – Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Untuk beberapa minggu yang lepas, saudara R. Prem Anand dan saya membuat kajian menyeluruh terhadap tulisan-tulisan Raja Petra Kamaruddin (Pete) di dalam Malaysia Today. Menerusi kolumnnya ‘No Holds Barred’, kami cuba melihat sama ada benar dakwaan banyak pihak bahawa pemikiran Pete sudah berubah atau seperti tanggapan saya sebelum ini, Pete tidak berubah arah sebaliknya kekal dengan pendiriannya yang begitu konsisten.

Imej ehsan Mat Salo

Kajian kami meliputi tulisan-tulisan Raja Petra dari 21 Jun 2008 sehingga 9 Januari 2012.

Berikut adalah rumusan yang dapat kami buat,

Penentangan RPK adalah sama seperti kebanyakkan blogger lain pada 2006-2009 iaitu memanipusalikan apa sahaja isu bagi memastikan Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi meletakkan jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri. 

Selepas pilihanraya 2008, RPK tidak seperti rakan seperjuangannya yang lain seperti Haris Ibrahim, RPK walaupun tidak bersetuju dengan Barisan Nasional dan UMNO tetapi turut begitu kritikal terhadap Kerajaan Negeri pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat.

Walaupun tidak bersetuju dengan pertuduhan sodomi 2 ke atas Anwar Ibrahim tetapi RPK amat konsisten terhadap pendiriannya terhadap Anwar Ibrahim. RPK tidak berkongsi sentimen ‘Anwar’ seperti rakan-rakan Anwar di dalam politik contohnya YB Azmin Ali dan Shamsul Iskandar.

Kesimpulannya, kalau diamati tulisan-tulisan RPK dan pendirian beliau sebelum ini dengan temubual RPK dengan Mingguan Malaysia pada tahun baru 2012, jelas bahawa tidak ada perubahan pendirian RPK didalam nada dan sentimennya menerusi temubual itu.

Dakwaan bahawa ada perubahan terhadap nada dan sentimen RPK dalam politik Malaysia adalah kurang tepat dan salah di tafsirkan.

Di dalam isu Altantunyaa Shaariibuu pula, berdasarkan tulisan-tulisan RPK sebenarnya isu tersebut telah dimanipulasikan oleh beberapa orang yang berada didalam ‘pasukan’ YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah untuk menaikan diri Tengku Razaleigh sebagai Perdana Malaysia. RPK membenarkan dirinya menjadi penyampai kepada umum kerana dia telah diperdayakan oleh pihak tersebut.

RPK sendiri tidak pernah menuduh Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor terlibat dengan pembunuhan tersebut, sebaliknya menyampaikan apa yang dimaklumkan kepadanya oleh seseorang yang ketika itu menjalankan tugas mempromosikan YBM Tengku Razaleigh sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Kami akan siarkan petikan-petikan dari tulisan RPK yang menggambar pendiriannya tentang sesuatu isu, pertubuhan, personaliti dan lain-lain. Hari ini dimulakan dengan pandangan RPK tentang Ketua Pembangkang, YB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

On Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition Leader


  • No, don’t end subsidies. End wastages, high administrative costs and corruption. Then we will be able to afford subsidies, just like the other countries that also have subsidies can. And this is what we want Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar to talk about (Saturday, 14 June 2008).
  • I do not quite agree with Tengku Razaleigh’s statement or with what Anwar Ibrahim has pledged. First of all, for Anwar to say that the petrol price should not have been increased is easy. We don’t want to know about what should not have been. We want to know what should be. Can Anwar please table his economic blueprint so that we can see what he has up his sleeve? Malaysians no longer want to buy this ‘vote me in first and then I will show you how I can do it’ — or what the Americans would label as ‘read my lips’ rhetoric (Saturday, 14 June 2008).
  • The ‘evidence’ is ready. The semen specimen on Saiful’s underwear has been confirmed as Anwar’s. The only problem is if they allow an independent foreign expert to do an audit on the Chemistry Department’s findings, he or she might confirm that the specimen is ten years old and not dated 26 June 2008 as alleged (Monday, 21 July 2008).



  • This is Anwar’s failure. He thinks he is a good leader because he can run the party all by himself. But this is not the mark of a good leader. A good leader is not one who can run the party all by himself. A good leader is one who can manage the people in the party (Thursday, 23 April 2009).


  • My wife then went to meet Anwar to tell him the whole story, most of which Anwar already knew. Anwar then went to meet this man, who was supposed to be the new Prime Minister but did quite not make it. Anwar told him that I signed that Statutory Declaration because they asked me to do so. And that was supposed to clear the way for this man, instead of Najib, to take over as Prime Minister (Undated 2010).
  • But he did not dare come forward to reveal what really happened and why I signed that Statutory Declaration. My wife then insisted that Anwar go to court to meet me and tell me in person, which Anwar did. I knew then that they had abandoned me as ‘collateral damage’ and that I was now on my own (Undated 2010).


  • Anwar that naive or stupid that he cannot see the false façade that Zul (YB Zulkiflee Nordin) is wearing on his face? I think Anwar may need to spend a second term in the Sungai Buloh Prison to wake him up to the reality of what is going on in the real world (Wednesday, 27 January 2010).



  • Many sceptics, especially from Umno, pooh-poohed Anwar’s ’16 September’ announcement. Many, even from the opposition, were puzzled as to why Anwar made such as announcement even if it were true. Would it not have been better to keep silent and make a surprise move instead of tipping off the other side and allow them to block the move? (Wednesday, 03 August 2011).
  • Many believe Anwar is innocent of the allegations of sodomy and the porn tape and what have you. If that is what we believe then let it be. Let’s not bother with an inquiry or investigation or whatever because the chances would be the findings or verdict will not be what we want (Sunday, 24 July 2011).
  • Well, Anwar is the Opposition Leader. So I support Anwar because I am pro-opposition and Anwar is the Opposition Leader. But he is not my friend. He is not my friend because he has not demonstrated friendship like Dr Mahathir, Zaid, Sanusi, Mat Sabu, Nazri Aziz, etc., have (Thursday, 15 December 2011).
  • But that is all Anwar is to me, my rakan seperjuangan, nothing more. And don’t expect me to demonstrate loyalty to Anwar as a friend would because he has not shown me that he is my friend like Dr Mahathir, Zaid, Sanusi, Mat Sabu, Nazri Aziz, etc., have (Thursday, 15 December 2011).
  • The trouble is: people expect me to suck Anwar’s dick to prove my loyalty to the opposition cause. Why must the opposition cause be tied to Anwar? The opposition cause is the opposition cause and Anwar is Anwar. They are two different issues and should not be packaged as one issue (Thursday, 15 December 2011).


  • By the way, Anwar has known me since 1963, longer than the ten years that he said he knows me. 1963 is almost 50 years (Thursday, 05 January 2012).
  • Anwar Ibrahim was not even in the government yet at that time. It was not until five years later that he joined UMNO. And I have been opposition all that time while Anwar ‘sold out’ and joined UMNO (Monday, 09 January 2012).
  • I have never minced my words. I have always stated in the many interviews that I gave that many of us felt betrayed when Anwar joined UMNO. I stated in my interviews that I resented Anwar for betraying the cause. And when Dr Mahathir kicked him out in 1998 we were delighted and said: serves you right (padan muka) (Monday, 09 January 2012).
  • In 1998, Anwar launched the Reformasi movement. Many of us did not get involved. We stayed far away from the street demonstrations and refused to support the movement. As far as we were concerned this was a movement to save Anwar’s arse, not a movement for reform or change. So we refused to get involved or to support it (Monday, 09 January 2012).
  • Then Anwar’s trial started and I refused to go to court to follow the proceedings of the trial (until Rosli Ibrahim phoned me and asked me to go in to court because Anwar wanted to see me). And that was the first time in years that I shook his hand. In fact, Anwar grabbed me and hugged me and I pushed him away (jokingly of course) while saying that the last person he hugged was sentenced to six months in jail (meaning Sukma) (Monday, 09 January 2012).
  • I am not dumb. I knew that Anwar could be a catalyst for change. The people will rally behind him and will support the fight for change. Hence, Anwar can be an asset in the fight for change (just like how Dr Mahathir was in 2006-2008).But it is about change and Anwar as the catalyst for change. It is not about Anwar per se. And if you are too dumb to see this and therefore would like to boycott Malaysia Today because you are too dumb to see this then be my guest. Good-bye and good riddance. We need thinking people, not people with a herd mentality who can be led like sheep (Monday, 09 January 2012).