The recently concluded Sarawak State Election result is an endorsement for what many thinks about the pattern of votes amongst the races in Malaysia.

Since March 8, 2008, we have heard many calls claiming the end of voting pattern along the racial line and these ‘political scientist’ has been calling for the two party systems. Even BN is taking a step preparing them towards it by allowing direct membership of the national coalition.

I, among few believed in the contrary. I have written in this blog while serving one of the Pakatan Rakyat’s State Government, that the GE12 election result did not indicate the end of voting trend along the racial line however it will mark a more serious pattern among the different races.

The tenth Sarawak State Election confirmed the seriousness of the new beginning of the ‘along the racial line voting pattern’. Thus not long after that we hear calls for One Malay, One Bumis political policy.

Is this call come out of panic or anger?

Yes, most of the Chinese voters that casted their votes in GE 12, all the by-elections since then and the recent Sarawak State Election have abandon BN by voting either for DAP or did not turn up to vote at all. Instead of calling for government to triple its effort in understanding why the Chinese abandon the BN and works ten times harder to win back our Chinese friends’ heart and mind, they instead called for BN to abandon the Chinese once and for all.

If not for the Chinese, BN had definitely found themselves on the opposition side in the 1999 election when such a significant numbers of Malays had abandon UMNO and BN. If not for the Chinese, UMNO crisis would has deepen further in 1988 when the party was ban by the court and the Malays have to depend on MCA to lead the BN.

The Chinese had been so loyal to BN during this two crisis not only because they trust this country would continue to prosper under the BN leadership but also because they are very proud of being Malaysian.

When a group of Malays running all over the street in Kuala Lumpur chanting ‘reformasi’ in 1998, I can still remember watching our Chinese friends proudly waving the ‘Jalur Gemilang’ in Bukit Jalil National Stadium during the Commonwealth Games. They even jeer the Singaporean Contingent during the opening ceremony.

BN may had hurt the Chinese so much to face such retaliation from them.

I strongly believe the wound will not heal in time for the next GE neither may it heal in the next two GE. Nevertheless, every citizen has the right not to support the government. It is every citizen democratic rights to vote for whomever they want.

While BN has to learn how to manoeuvre and face the GE with only expecting minimum vote from the Chinese community, BN has to continue serving the Chinese as much as they serve other races as the government of the day.

Without the existent of Pakatan Rakyat in the next GE the DAP can contest and win a maximum of 51 parliamentary seats in Peninsular Malaysia where the non-Malays were 50% and more. Currently the had won half of it.

In Sabah, with the solid support of the Chinese, DAP can only win two parliamentary seats where the Chinese holds the majority of 78.4% in Kota Kinabalu and 60.5% in Sandakan.

In Sarawak, DAP hopes also lies in the Chinese majority seats where they command the majority of 76% in Stampin and Lanang, 70% in Sarikei and 67% in Sibu.

With such result, if the Chinese abandon BN en masse, DAP can the most command only 57 seats out of 222 seats in the Dewan Rakyat.

To look at it in a different perspective, the call for One Malay, One Bumis is for BN to focus on the balance of 165 seats so they can out perform PAS and PKR, and still get the two-thirds majority they longing for.

When someone calls out for the survival of one race, it is just normal. I do not think the Chinese are racist just because they voted for DAP. Nevertheless I strongly believe it is wrong for not allowing my friends and my leaders to talk about the survival of the Malay and Bumis political agenda.