BN will win Sarawak, majority of those who are covering this election believe so, yet, this may be the last term for BN in Sarawak.

Many times we were advised of the sentiments against the peninsular. Due to that, many choose to lie low and not trying to be perceived as wanting to be the cyber champions over here. Nevertheless, when it comes to the leadership issues, it is easy to see that some of the Sarawakian voters chose to trust the leaders from peninsular than their own.

This maybe due to the rampant allegations on corruption, cronyism and power-abused, an accusation thrown against the Taib Mahmud government and family and becoming the main opposition issue during this campaigning period.

When it comes to development issue, I would rather say, as an outsider what I have seen throughout my just 2,000 kilometres on and off journey from my base in Kuching, development is there where it matters. My buddy bloggers who have been to the most rural areas in Limbang and Kapit also share the same sentiment.

Overall it is easy to say, development has reach where it matters. However if you are the locals, you would love to see much aggressive development without taking into account, the real economic needs for it.

Nevertheless, a government needs to float on the balance of practicality and popularity to survive. It is never an easy game to play.

Yet more development projects will be said to translate into corruptions at a more rampant level, more chances for cronies to get the projects and more political funds for the parties within the government. As so it is much easier for the oppositions to brand the government negatively.

More development also caters to more dissatisfactions amongst the group of people due to many things that are related to them. Such matters pertaining just to acquisitions and compensations can mean a government may lose the support of the particular constituency.

Leave governing alone, development itself is much headache.

Recently, a study group led by a peninsular professor predicted BN will lose Sarawak. DAP and its partner in PAKATAN RAKYAT will garner 27 seats, SNAP 13 and independents will gain 7.

However, based on my observations, the sentiments is not such. I would agree that in most Chinese majority constituencies, the tide are against BN, some say overall, BN only enjoys up to 15% of the Chinese votes in Sarawak. This can only mean BN will lose most of the urban seats. Most humble prediction I heard, saying DAP will win up to 11 seats. While BN will retain its two-thirds majority, the oppositions will win around 15 to 22 seats. Which mean the opposition will double the result they got in 2006.

Whatever the outcome of this ‘gentlemen’ game, today played by the ‘hooligans’, my only wish is it will benefit the lovely people of Sarawak.

I have only been here twice before. The last was almost 15 years ago, I may have seen things differently then and never have stayed here this long, what more the chances of travelling deep into it.

I have enjoyed my two weeks stay here. With all the generosity, positive attitude of the people and the beauty that shine from them, this piece of wild earth has develop ridiculously well.

My last tango shall be shopping for the ‘terubok masin’ for family and friends back home and leave Sarawak to prosper under the new mandate by the people.