N03 Tanjong Datu

2006 Result,

Adenan Bin Satem (BN) 4,545 votes (85%), Sobey Bin Daud (KEADILAN) 409 votes (7.7%), Larry Dominic Minang (Independent) 357 votes (6.72%). Both KEADILAN and Independent candidates lost their deposits.

2011 contest,

Candidates will be, Adenan Satem (BN), Gilbert Asson Kulong (Independent) and Nani Sahari (PAS).

N03 Tanjong Datu is under P193 Santubong parliamentary seat which was won by BN’s Wan Junaidi Bin Tuanku Jaafar in 2008 parliamentary election. BN’s Wan Junaidi won by majority of 11,945 votes (60.60%). Wan Junaidi garnered 15,800 votes (80.16%) against PKR’s Rahamat Idil Bin Latip, 3,855 votes (19.56%). There are three state assembly seats under P193 Santubong and all won by BN in 2006 state election.

BN is likely to retain N03 Tanjong Datu without much headache against PAS. The later is manned by a huge numbers of non-local machinery.