Somewhere between the time a video of someone-looks-like-Anwar hit the cyber world and YouTube taking it off the cyber space, this blog were visited for the seventh million times by cyber surfers. Kickdefella and friends wish to express our gratitude for the overwhelming supports.

The blog that started off during the 2006 World Cup in Germany, have since seen the ‘sent-off’ of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi in almost the same fashion, the World Cup Champion of 2006, Italy got sent home from 2010 WC.

I have to admit; this blog has taken me further than any of my other professions have taken me before. I too have managed to reach those whom I have failed to reach during my time in the movie and broadcasting industry.

Should I retire from blogging? I have that thoughts many times during my first two years of blogging but after four years now and plenty of memorable experience, I think I should continue for couple more days, maybe months or perhaps years to come, God knows better.

Anyhow, thanks folks! You all have been great. I can never ask for more. Your comments mostly are very thoughtful and some even very hurtful too, hey, that’s life.

I shall be in Edinburgh and Glasgow by the end of this month; maybe we can meet there for tea.

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