Husam’s surgery is scheduled for today. He will need 5 days of rest. Please leave him alone.

Between Husam and me, there are nothing left accept for love and respect. I haven’t met Husam since  my last assignment with him on the 9 September 2009. He drop me at a hotel in KL way past midnight that day. We have taken separate flight back to KB on the 10 September 2009, the day my contract was terminated after merely 3 hours back in KB.

We supposed to meet in MB’s office but Husam was caught stranded mid-way when his official car breakdown.

What ever I have written in this blog or what ever my comment to the media is of my own. There are neither hidden hand nor secret instruction.

Like many people who has been touched by him, it is hard to forget the memory. With the termination of my contract, there is no more professional link between us.

I was asked by a television station to talk about Husam. I turned down the request like I have turned down other requests before.

I have sms Husam two days ago, offering my service to take care of him during his hospitalization period. He never replied. Perhaps it is for the best. I fully understand. We should not be seen together.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish him a safe surgery and a speedy recovery. My doa will always be with him and his family.

I seconded Nik Aziz’s claimed about Husam which appeared in today’s paper. He is a give by god not just for Kelantanese but for all Malaysian. Let us not forget that.