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The Orphans of Melawi



On May 9, 2009, while driving home from work, I received news alert via sms informing the death of a pregnant women in Melor, Kelantan. I then forwarded the message to Dato’ Husam whom immediately took a detour from his evening schedule to head straight to the Kota Bharu Hospital’s mortuary.    


The body of Saripah Mohd. Noor, 34 lied motionless in the mortuary waiting for post mortem to be perform. She was reported as 4 months pregnant. The husband was there, looking confuse. We were told that the wife left the husband and their five kids few days earlier due to some family problem.


On that fatal day, she borrowed RM 5 from the neighbour in her mother’s village near Tumpat because she missed her kids. She filled RM3 worth of petrol into her motorcycle and plan to buy some ‘cikadis’ for her kids with the balance, not knowing the RM 2 will seal her fate. When her handbag was pulled by the snatch thief on another motorcycle, she lost her balance and was rammed by the car behind her.


Husam and me always discussed about her kids. Today, we managed to pay the orphans of Melawi a visit. Their conditions is very bad.
Their granny is taking charge of them. Their house is in very bad shape, so does their granny’s house. We were also being informed that they have been skipping school a lot.


On behalf of Kickdefella readers, YB Husam hand over RM900 collected from our Ramadan Charity Drive. He also made an undisclosed amount of personal contribution and gave RM5,000 each to rebuild both houses.


We hope this can help bring some smile to their face, at least until few days of Syawal. Nevertheless, a long term solution needs to be drafted. They have been living in this condition even before the death of their beloved mother. However, only with the death of the mother, their misery were later discovered. Or may I rephrase it and say, The Almighty had to sacrifice the mother, to get us to notice the suffering of her children.


Melawi is a beach village in the Parliament of Bachok. Former MP of Bachok, Dr. Awang Adek is currently the Deputy Finance Minister while the current MP, Nasharuddin Mat Isa is the Deputy President of PAS.




The house they called home




Their Granny’s house






Other RC2009 Photos


Husam with the OKU of Melawi


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The orphans who attended the Tok Kenali’s programme

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The students from PR China during the Tok Kenali’s programme

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YB Sallahuddin giving away the donation from Kickdefella readers

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Selamat Hari Raya Pak Cik!