A Police Team from the Commercial Crime Department from Bukit Aman Kuala Lumpur will be coming down to Kota Bharu today to take statement from Bariah Ishak.

The statement is scheduled to be taken on Wednesday. Bariah has given her word to give the fullest cooperation to the team. We were told that the statement from Bariah is needed for the Police Department to finalised their investigation against Kickdefella for flying the national flag upside-down last year.

I hope Kickdefella’s reader will remain calm and will not engage into demonising the action by our police force by leaving comments that insult them.

Personally I am looking forward to be reunited with my brother the Investigating Officer, whom I was informed will be heading the team from KL. We have shared some nostalgic moments during last Ramadan when he arrested me and took me to Pudu Prison in KL, before finally I got to check in in Dang Wangi’s Police Lock-up.