Ramadan has return and this blog, once again is ready to kick-off our almost kind of annual event, The Ramadan Charity.

By taking a humble twist in 2007, my wife, Bariah Ishak and the Kickdefella’s readers have orchestrated one of the blogosphere most charitable affairs.  During the first year, Bariah and Kickdefella’s readers managed to put together almost RM4,000.00. Read about it here, here and here.

In 2008, during our second year charity drive, Bariah and the Kickdefella’s readers managed to collect a whooping RM30,000. Read here, here, here and here.

This year will be our last round of the great Ramadan Charity.

Last week, YB Husam the pillar of Ramadan Charity 2007, after being informed about my plan to leave my current position, has offered me two choices; one of it is to work directly under him at his office. Without knowing that my fellow brother, Dr. Rosli Allani had already decided to vacant the position, I have rejected both of Husam’s offers as soon as it is being made.

I plan to cease my relationship with the state government and the party altogether, which is what I told him. At least, that is what my plan is for now.

Few nights ago, I have had till the wee hours chatting with my royal neighbour, The Tengku Temenggong of Kelantan. The YAM has by principle agreed to support my plan to sail to the South China Sea and to expand the Petroleum Royalty Mission to all fixed platform offshore of Kelantan.

I have proudly suggested The YAM himself to lead and captained the journey.

I shall love to see the “Pelayaran Yang Belum Selesai” a success before I end my Kelantan stint to focus on writing about the reality. 

But as for now, let us continue with our Ramadan Charity. Last call folks!

Everyone is welcome to donate to the Ramadan Charity. As usual, cash received will be used to buy food, sugar; cordial drinks, cooking oil, rice, flour and biscuits. Last year, as we received more than we expected, cash was also given to those receivers.

To donate, please bank in you donation to,

Bariah Ishak

Maybank’s account – 1 14105 20748 4

RHB’s account – 1 12170 0004782 8

And send a confirmation email to bariahishak@yahoo.com.my.

As Kijang Care is now defunct, we will work closely with our brothers and sisters in Tabung Tok Kenali for distribution purposes.

So folks, with all the humbleness, I would love to beg you, to start the collection rolling.