I once so crazy about Dahlan Zainuddin, the top star of mid seventies. One fine morning few years back, I stumbled upon him while having breakfast with my production crew in a warong in Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur.

Without him invited me, I took my nasi lemak plate and sit next to him.

“When I see you, you remind me of my Panasonic TV”, those shocking words from me stunned Dahlan.

“I look like your Panasonic TV?” Dahlan staring at me while his fingers run through his not so many hair up there.

Fast rewind to 1976 in Kampong Paya Rambai, Jalan Bayam Kota Bharu, where we moved to from my grandpa’s house in Lorong Che Hussin (Belakang Wad Gila) after my parents divorced.

Mum and me lived in a small pondok in the kampong that looks like a secondary jungle. My two sisters who are taking their MCE and LCE that year, continued to stay at grandpa’s because our kampong has no electricity supply.

We have this 12 inches National Panasonic TV, which we have to hook to a second hand car battery. The battery will last for a week if we watch not more than 2 hours daily.

In 1976, there’s a Saturday night entertainment programme called Bintang Pujaan that featured Dahlan Zainuddin for six consecutive weeks. For those six consecutive weeks, Dahlan Zainuddin is everything that I look forward too.

“You can never imagined how important you are for a kampong boy like me”, I told Dahlan after such a long and detailed explanation on why he reminds me of the old Panasonic.

“Can you imagine the distance I have to take, carrying that battery to the closest civilization for it to be recharge and return 12 hours later to take it home?”

“Never once I regretted making the journey!”

And yes, I never regretted making those journeys in life.

Neither I regretted this journey back to Kelantan although I repeatedly claim that it was not an enjoyable one.

My family and me still wish to continue our stay in this lovely state nevertheless, I am adamant to leave my position in Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan as soon as I get the opportunity to do so. And yes, I am considering the option that I have.

While Dahlan reminds me of my Panasonic TV, there are people who reminded me a lot of the second-hand battery.

And I wish not to be reminded of the second-hand battery.