Trip to Cakrawala_0024Staring at our dream at midnight

Some are clueless of what we are doing. Sailing to nowhere! No signpost, no landmark and no visible border.

But what we have achieved yesterday should send a stern signal to PETRONAS. If we are willing to take this torturous 26 hours journey then of cause we are ever willing to take PETRONAS face to face anytime, anywhere. In fact, if this royalty issues is not settled by March next year, than, we will know how to entertain Malaysia’s Formula One guest during the F1 in Sepang.

PETRONAS can also expect us on educating people in those countries where PETRONAS has their investment about the day light robbery by PETRONAS towards the people of Kelantan.

Kelantan Royalty Mission 2009, began with the journey taken by 70 men and women of Malaysia. 2 boats departed Pengkalan Kubur’s Jetty around 10 am after the sending off ceremony headed by Dato’ Ustaz Ahmad Yakob, Deputy Menteri Besar of Kelantan. The 2 boats include 50 peoples from the media and bloggers, state officers and political appointees.

Another boat carrying about 20 people left Tok Bali’s jetty around lunchtime, amongst of board were Malaysian Parliamentarians, State Deputy Speaker, State Executive Councillors and State Assemblymen.

Trip to Cakrawala_0063Leaving Pengkalan Kubur

Trip to Cakrawala_0082Stopped! Almost an hour negotiation with the police.

Trip to Cakrawala_0125The real journey begins

Trip to Cakrawala_0137


Trip to Cakrawala_0154Oh my…. ueeekkk

Trip to Cakrawala_0155

The boat from Tok Bali was the first to arrive at Cakrawala Main Complex Platform at Block A18, Joint Development Area. It arrived there at around 5 pm.

The other 2 boats arrived around 11 pm and stayed there for about 2 hours.

While the more sophisticated boat from Tok Bali took less than 10 hours to complete the journey, the other 2 boats (which I’m on board on one of it) took more than 26 hours and safely harboured in Pengkalan Kubur at 3.30 pm today.

Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz was there to received us in a humble ceremony but it truly make us all feel like a hero. Or more like a ‘drunken’ hero!

Trip to Cakrawala_0181Maaaa bukkkk

Trip to Cakrawala_0165Blogger Perisik Rakyat taking cover

Trip to Cakrawala_0206The stunning beauty

Trip to Cakrawala_0052The end of the journey

Trip to Cakrawala_0148The Last Fella Standing

To Brother Susuk 1 and Engineer Laut, hopefully one day we all can climb onto your platform, shake you hand and tell all of you, how proud  and  thankful we are to all you guys for developing this area. And maybe, you will allow us to fly Kelantan flag up there alongside the Malaysian and Thailand flag.

More photos will be uploaded in my flickr later.