I do not see how we as a Malaysian and for those who claims themselves as a muslim can leave such notorious comments (which I have deleted) in this blog about Yasmin Ahmad. Furthermore, all those words are written by those whom I believe never ever meet Yasmin in person. This blog will not tolerate this type of visitors. Please feel free to go elsewhere.

Yasmin, who ever she is, is a lovely person with such a kind heart. As a filmmaker, I would say, she has delivered to us the Malaysia story from a perspective of a true Malaysian. 

Yasmin is one of a kind.

Sadly our prayers for Yasmin, has yet to be answered.

“The condition of critically-acclaimed movie and commercial director Yasmin Ahmad, who suffered a stroke last Thursday, has deteriorated.

Her brother-in-law, Datuk Dr Zakaria Zahari, said Yasmin remained on life support at the Damansara Specialist Hospital’s intensive care unit.

“The family appreciates continued prayers for Yasmin,” he said in a brief statement issued Saturday.

Dr Zakaria said the family had requested that no visitors congregate at the hospital.

He said a further update on Yasmin’s condition would be given Sunday morning.” – The Star