Husam Musa may end up the first casualty in the intense rivalry between the conservative ulama and the more progressive Erdogan factions ahead of next month’s party polls, with party insiders saying the PAS vice-president may pull out of the race for deputy presidency.

“He is also considering not defending his vice-president’s post if the situation continues. Out of frustration he will not contest any post,” said a source familiar with Husam’s campaign. – The Malaysian Insider.

No man should be bigger than its organisation. Neither should Husam. But what about Ustaz Muhammad Daud Iraqi?

If it is true for Husam to pull out from contesting in any post at all in the coming Muktamar, then perhaps in terms of timing, it is a wise move. Especially after news leak in the Malaysia Insider claiming that Ustaz Mat Iraq, as he is popularly known, has said sorry to Husam for all the accusation he made. Why does Mat Iraq needs to say sorry to Husam if it is not Husam that he accused of money-politic.

There is no money-politic in PAS, but ‘dendam kesumat’. Despite popular believes that in politic there are no lifetime enemies or lifetime friends, but to some, there is lifetime vengeance.

Pulling out from contesting any position in the coming muktamar will be a very brave choice by Husam and if he chooses to do it, I would love to be the first to congratulate him.

I long for such friend. A friend who has the time to share his gardening and cooking expertise with me.