Let us pray for Mat Taib to win Deputy President of UMNO and let us also pray that all other penyagak like Abdul Rahim Thamb Chik, Isa Samad, Hishamuddin Tun Hussin and the rest win The Vice President  and The Supreme Council position.

And I hope The New President of UMNO, soon to be Prime Minister, Mr. Najib Razak will seriously consider about appointing Khairy Jamaluddin into one of the more senior Ministerial position. 

Khairy deserves to be appointed into Finance or Defend portfolio and at last we will have an Oxford Graduate in the Cabinet.

However, in case Mike Tyson lose to Muhyiddin Yassin, I just wish Najib has the balls to consider Khairy for Deputy Premiership instead. 

This is becoming more interesting that oatmeal.