Among the advice that I get were to take one tablespoon less of politics, double dosage of zikir and hours of exercises. Nevertheless nothing beats the homemade recipe specially to reduce the cholesterol level.

When I was admitted to the hospital, my cholesterol level was 7.1 mmol/L where else the desirable level is below 5.2 mmol/L. I had to protest because I wasn’t given the notice if not I wouldn’t have indulged myself into 2 bowls of Gulai Lemak Otak Lembu and double dosage of Turtle’s egg a week earlier in the notoriously sinful Hover Restaurant.



As the result, I have to go on oat diet for the last three weeks. I have to admit that I hate oat because of its original taste that is a bit sweet for me. Some people also hate it because eating it make you feel like eating ‘hampas’.

Even fellow blogger, KB Guy has been teasing me every morning and calling me Oat Boy!

Nevertheless, yesterday was a good day when I finally had my revenge against the cholesterol. I did my follow-up check yesterday and it shows that my total cholesterol level has drop to 3.9 mmol/L. Not just that, my LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) also dropped from 5.1 mmol/L to 2.3 mmol/L.

I am also nicotine free for 3 weeks now.

My Cardiologist also was very satisfied with the progress shown. It is a joy to know that all the sacrifices I have made is showing such a positive development.

Well, that is the result for having 4 glasses of plain water very early in the morning, a capsule of red yeast rice in the afternoon, a tablespoon of Apple Cider in the evening and a bowl of oats every night.

Frankly, I tend to love having oats everyday once I managed to change its taste with lots of improvisation. It is all down to creative cooking.

Oat is actually very flexible and you can cook it in various way so it became tastier yet healthy. I used the oat as a based for my cooking. I made it into soup or porridge with strong taste side dishes that help to make you feel like you are eating gourmet food instead of oat.

There is endless way of cooking oat and perhaps soon I may created gourmet pigeon stew with oat. But for today, I would love to share my recipe of Oat Porridge with Steam Fish.

Preparation of the oat.

I love to have my oat watery so it feels more like soup. Most of the time I have it with a teaspoon of mince ginger and mince garlic. A few drops of grape seed oil also will help added the nutty taste and helps increase the good fat intake.


I also always add vegetables into my oat. This time around I add some Kulat Sisir (Comb Mushroom) into my oat. I also love to have it with tempe but my advice, unless you want to look like Khir Toyo, better not have it too often.


For the side dishes, I love to have fish or beef slices steam with some spices. I normally used lots of fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, fresh galangal, garlic, shallot and black pepper. I love the strong spicy taste. I also normally put few teaspoons of bean paste (tauchu) or asam keping or both to get the sour taste.


I blend part of the ginger, turmeric, galangal, garlic and shallot and marinade the fish for half an hour with the ingredients. You can imagine how tasty it is by just looking at the colour as it looks just like the faces of UMNO delegations after they discovered that they are few thousand richer just by shaking hands with some of the hopeful candidates.


I also add some chilli and it really make you sweat eating it. But rest assure, if you find somebody is sweating heavily in PWTC this next couple of days, it is not because they had to many cabai, but because they got cabai-d by the UMNO disciplinary council.


Later I put the other half or the spices into a bowl with the fish and steam it for few minutes. Never overcook your fish because if you do that, you tend to lose the sweetness of the juice.


Trust me, this will be a great meal for the next couple of days if you are monitoring the UMNO General Assembly. It has all the specific taste, hot, spicy, sour and it surely will fill you tummy if not your pocket. Good luck.