Somewhere in February 2007, about ten of the most sought after Malay bloggers were called to attend a meeting, few blocks from Bukit Aman.

In bloggers term those days, this is the most secretive meeting ever arranged amongst blogger. Nobody knew who else would attend and who organised the meeting.

As I sat there, I saw all the Malay big guns in the local blogosphere scene plus one non-blogger who sat quietly at one corner.

The agenda is to topple Abdullah from his premiership using a well fine tune orchestrated informal movement within the bloggers circle.

Each and everyone who had spoken on that particular night, somehow, taken unrequested oath and swore that they are doing this with clear conscience that it is about sending Abdullah’s packing in PRU 12 and not about bringing Barisan Nasional down.

I did the same when it was my turn to speak. Nevertheless, somehow I was told that we must make sure Barisan Nasional will not win Kelantan because this will be the morale booster for Abdullah.

With that, our first aim is to campaign for young Malaysia to register themselves as voters. We know they are the strength of the oppositions. The strength of the blogs and the influence of the ten bloggers have overpowered the might of UMNO mercenary bloggers.

We also strategized our posting by creating chain of issues against Abdullah’s lifestyle, character, attitude and policies.

Somehow, miracles happens, the more we were attacked, the more support we got, the more we were blocked, the more people willing to take over our role and blog. And the opposition fast riding on us.

One main important issue about this group of ten is that, most of us were UMNO members and one PKR and one blogger without any political link.

Through the blog, we had managed to brand Abdullah as a liar.

The point of this posting is not about taking glory from what had happen. What actually happen, why it happen and how it happen is not an agenda anymore? What I want to highlight is how Abdullah had managed to unite us.

This is the asset that we are fast losing. No other leader post March 8, 2008 has the weaknesses that can unite us.

Uniting us is Abdullah’s weaknesses but Abdullah will forever be remembered as our strength.

Losing Abdullah has fast becoming a curse to the blogosphere. I have seen enough of how we become disunited and started to cannibalise each other.

We used to put the blame on Monsterball for spreading the seed of disunity but the truth is, we are what we are. What had happened to us was a miracle, united by what we perceived as the weaknesses of a man named Abdullah.

However, what we actually perceived as his weaknesses is actually his strength. Blogosphere will never be same again.

Post Abdullah will see warlords amongst blogger, trying to force their agenda onto the LCD screen of the reader. Post Abdullah will see warlords amongst blogger trying to force their political agenda and their favourite politician onto the net. Post Abdullah will see cyber warfare filled with civil wars where those once brothers and sisters pushing the enter key to post their barbaric act for us to read.

I have seen it started and it made me sad. I have seen civil war between my blogging-brothers and amongst those who pioneered the Malaysia Blogosphere Brotherhood. I have even see my brothers using the mainstream media, television, magazine and even facebook to lash at their cyber buddies.

Perhaps, this is the prelude of what to expect from the Najib’s era. Barbaric local cyber scene as a reaction to the appointment of a barbarian leader.

I have started missing Abdullah. And for that brotherhood he had given to the Malaysian Blogger, I wish to thank him.