I hate my English. Ironically during schooldays, I always get the best result in English subject. As you all know, my ‘England’ is bad, so that will only mean one thing, the level of English amongst the student of my time are worst.

I get a lot of condemnation in this blog for my bad English. I knew many look down at me because I cannot write nor speak proper English. Those condemnation slowly creeps inside you and make you lose your confident to speak and write in English. But as I am not those who care much what people think of me, I managed to survive with just my broken ‘England’.

But I knew lots of bright Malays during my varsity times who had fail to develop their prospect further because of their inability to communicate in English.

It was during my varsity days that employers are complaining about the lack of English skills among the graduates are causing them their future. It took the government more than a decade later to try to better the problem and then implement the policy of teaching Science and Maths in English. I applauded the policy.

Until today I am a stern supporter of the policy. Unfortunately I once read in Utusan Malaysian in late 90’s, someone mention that Philippines master their English well but the remarkable thing they export from having able to speak proper English is only Philippines maids.

Those same mentalities are the one who fights with all the slogan such as “Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa” in the 70’s and cause such chaotic moments for my generation later. Now, it begins all over again.

I know, majority who demand to switch Science and Maths to Bahasa Malaysia admit the importance of English, however they seems to think that this policy will cause a lot of harm to the Malay Language and bad for the students as well.

Nevertheless, by demanding the switch they did not put forward any worth considering suggestion about how to help develop the English for the benefit of the students.

As parents, English is very important for my kids. If they can master Mandarin and Arab will be even better.

Personally, from what I have gone through, I made it clear to my kids, English is a must, Bahasa Malaysia is their mother tongue, and they will master it naturally.

I hope the government will not bow down to the political pressure to switch back Science and Maths to Bahasa Malaysia. But if the government in order to survive needs to make a popular decision, I hope they give the students and their parents an option.

I also supported the idea by a commenter to reintroduce English Medium School, I trust many parents are eager to enrol their kids to English Medium School. At least, those who wants to “Perkasakan Bahasa Melayu” will get what they wanted while parents like me, will get what we think best for our children.

Nevertheless, sorry to say, I did not see much sincerity in those parties who are putting the pressure on the government. Personally I believe it is all political and nationalistic. It is not representing the best interest of my kids’ future. It is all about the glory of Malay and Bahasa Melayu and for the politician, it is about getting few more votes.

Hishamuddin can count on me for support if his ministry chooses to maintain status quo.