Don’t take your heart to heaven UMNO members need it here!

I signed the organ donor’s form in 2001 soon after my father was informed of his lung cancer without knowing that so many UMNO’s leaders and members would need it few years down the road. But sorry UMNO Goons, my heart would not be available for donation anymore!

Not more than ten days ago, I told my wife that early next year I am going to take a break and perform my umrah and start a new leaf. Life begins at forty yah! Yes, when I reach forty I want to quit smoking and live a much healthier life. But merely few days later, and still eleven months to go before I reach forty, I found myself drowned in cold sweat, locked in numbness and pinned to my office desk in semi consciousness.

I took a stick of the faithful Marlboro and foolishly said to myself, this will bring immediate relieved only to find that within five minutes later I am lying gasping for oxygen in the hospital emergency unit with the cable attached all over my chest, arm and my ankle too.

The ECG performed shows certain irregularities.

Than enters the blogger friendly, university mate and life saviour Cardiologist, smiled and told me, “I will have to move you to my ward for more test and thorough observations…”.

The obliging me was pushed out of the normal ward only to find that I am entering the Intensive Care Unit!

Oops! The first thing came to my mind was to bargain on a more friendlier and less brutal methods of cabling my body. “No catheter to drain my urine please!”, I pleaded to the ever smiling university mate.

He agreed for the sake of the suspicious condition of my heart.

So there I was, lying on the bed in Intensive Care Unit, wired and monitored, flushed with all known blood thinning and cholesterol reduction agents and faced the marathon of visitors. But during the darkest moment, I found the light when I read a notice declaring the hospital is equipped with free Wi-Fi services!

I am a fool not to know what 30 sticks of cigarette a day can do to me. But again, so did the members of Perak State Civil Service for trying to block the democratic elected representatives of the rakyat from entering the august house just for the sake of being the political donkeys.

The august house is above each and every one of them and us. That is the lifeline of democracy. No Kings and Rajas are above it!

I am glad to survive my heart-breakdown moment but I am sad to see the death of democracy in Perak.

While I am now out after some glorifying moments having my photo flashed on Sinar Harian’s front page wired to my lifeline, high on cocktails of drugs and after coughing out some seven thousand Ringgit what I get was amongst others is a medical certificate notifying me not to go to work for a whooping 16 days and many new friends.

What I did to deserve this is only a minute error of judgement in my Marlboro saga, but what does the Perakian did to deserve such a monumental error of judgement by the power crazed Najib and a momentarily senile monarch.

My post Marlboro heart is with the democratic elected government of Perak and those majority who had installed the ‘uninstalled by Palace government’. If not for my heart, I should have been there with you today.

Long live democracy. Hell to those who try to kill it.