It is not easy walking down the streets of the old town centre in Kota Bharu without my memory came rushing. Almost every corner reminds me of my late mum.

Unfortunately, some of the old building has made way for progress. I missed the look of the old Odeon Kota Bharu where mum would take me to watch Jins Shamsuddin’s Menanti Hari Esok, Esok Untuk Siapa and Esok Masih Ada.

I missed the old Lido by the side of old Taman Sekebun Bunga where I would watch movie after movie whenever I have problem with mum at home.

I missed the murtabhak stall by the side of the old Bus Station, where she would ‘tapao’ it for our bus trip to KL.

While I missed the entire monument, this March 29 will mark a year had passed by without my supermum.

I have pledge to compile some of my most personal and controversial photos collection since I came back to Kota Bharu and turn it into a book in memory of her. The hard cover coffee table book is 200 plus pages thick and consist of hundreds of photographs will be called, The Colours of Kota Bharu Islamic City.

While I am looking for investor to cover the cost of printing, I also plan to pre sell the book to my readers at a very good price of RM65.00 not inclusive of postage expenses.

For my readers who wish to pre order the book, please send an email to under the title of “pre order The Colours of Kota Bharu Islamic City”. We will contact you to advise on the price and postage fee once the book is ready.

I plan to have it released by May 2009.

Some of the photos that will be in the book,