Invasion of one privacy no matter by whom is an idiotic act. Violated the rule of engagement during courting and spread the intimate moment to public is ungentlemanly behaviour.

My heart is with Elizabeth Wong, a lady I am proud to call a friend. A lady whom I would welcome to the warmness hospitality by my family anytime at all.

I have only good thing to talk of Lizzie.

If I can stand by ‘Viagra’ Chua during his forced “public demonstration”

of a healthy Health Minister, why cannot I do the same with my fellow lady friend?

Although I did not agree with Viagra Chua forced resignation but the incident have put much dignity to the whole episode. Chua Soi Lek is the man. He had took it with guts. For a moment, he had single-handed put back the much lacking dignity into our national politic.

Nevertheless, Chua’s episode is a totally different story from Lizzie.

As I haven’t seen both, Chua’s performance and Lizzie’s act, nothing much to state about my reaction to their involvement. However, both happen not while being in the company of the person they have taken their vow. While Chua is married, Lizzie is not.

Religiously I do not think their religion condone their action although culturally it may have been acceptable.

While Chua did reached the seventh heaven at some point of his performance, Lizzie meanwhile was deep in ‘Taiwan’ enjoying her sleep. Nevertheless, unless the person who captured the digital photos breaks into the room without Lizzie’s permission, she actually do play some part in taking such risk.

But again, as a wise lady, Lizzie does know the risk well. I shall not speculate about her relationship with the person, but again, having said that, the person has no right at all to violate and then distribute the moment he captures.

While maybe the country is searching high and low for a glimpse of Lizzie’s skin, the political arena is searching for an action.

My personal opinion is Lizzie should go. At least let go of the State Executive Councillor position. The question of morale cannot be let hanging at the entrance of door.

Nevertheless, the most ideal way is for Lizzie to look deep into her and ask the question whether she can continue to perform under current situation. Next will be whether her colleagues will not be affected by the current expose and third, how the situation is taken by her constituents

Lizzie cannot afford to be self-thinking. As a representative, she should base her decision on those who she represents.

As a politician, Lizzie lost her right to decide for her future, her priority now is to decide for the future of her political party, their partners and their supporters.

Yet, Lizzie should not lose herself. She should be the Eli we knew. Nothing change and for that, my family and I would welcome her anytime into our privacy.