“Maka titah Sri Tri Buana, “Hendaklah pada akhir zaman kelak anak cucu bapak jangan derhaka pada anak cucu hamba. Jikalau ia zalim dan jahat pekertinya sekalipun.”

Maka sembah Demang Lebar Daun, “Baiklah tuanku. Tetapi jikalau anak cucu tuanku dahulu mengubahkan dia, (Maka) anak cucu hamba pun mengubahkan dia.” Maka titah Sri Tri Buana, “Baiklah, kabullah hamba akan wadad itu.

“Maka keduanya bersumpah-sumpahlah, barang siapa mengubahkan perjanjiannya itu di balik Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala bumbungan rumahnya kebawah. Kaki tiangnya ke atas. Itulah sebabnya maka dianugerahkan Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala kepada segala raja-raja Melayu, tiada pernah memberi aib pada segala hamba Melayu; jikalau sebagaimana sekalipun besar dosanya, tiada diikatnya dan digantungnya dan difadihatkannya dengan kata jahat.”

Sejarah Melayu

Demang Lebar Daun promised that “the descendants of your humble servants shall be the subjects of your majesty’s throne, but they must be well-treated by your descendants. If they offend, they shall not, however grave their offence, be disgraced or reviled with evil words: if their offence is grave, let them be out to death, if that is in accordance with Muslim law”. To which Sang Utama replied ” I agree to give the undertaking for which you ask, but I in turn require an undertaking from you … that your descendants shall never for the rest of time be disloyal to my descendants, oppress them and behave in an evil way to them.” To which Demang Lebar Daun agreed “… but if your descendants depart from the terms of the pact, then so will mine… subjects shall never be disloyal or treacherous to their rulers, even if their rulers behave cruelly and immorally … and if any ruler puts a single one of his subjects to shame, that shall be a sign that his kingdom shall be destroyed by Almighty God.”

Let us begin our today’s lesson on Derhaka by listing 10 most Derhaka incident in Modern History of Malaysia. I shall start by the most horrible Derhaka of all which is conducted by UMNO current Information Chief, a senator and a minister by the name of Muhammad Muhammad Taib. He deceived than lie to the Al Marhum Tuanku about his marriage with Tuanku’s princess. He took the princess to Thailand and secretly took their vow there.

Then came double act by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi the Prime Minister and President of UMNO last March.

Where is UMNO during this time? Are they behind their leader and tumpang menderhaka sekaki or defending the Palace?

Dear my beloved reader, I shall place the honour to list another 7 incident of Derhaka  if you can recall. I bet by end of this day, we will have at least ten incident and all involve UMNO.

Salam Derhaka buat UMNO Derhaka!