The Kugan episode, has brought me to finally and disgustedly admit that there are many racist Malaysian around. When I posted about Kugan, I never think of him as an Indian. I blog about Kugan because he too is human like us.

Those politician I knew who visited Kugan’s family and walk with them during the procession also did it because of nothing else but wanted to lend their support to the family of the deceased during the worst time in their life and also too put pressure to the authority so the investigation will be carried out without fear or favour.

Kugan has never been properly or shall I say formally charged for any criminal charges except by some groups of Malays within the blogosphere and political cricle.

Like Mahathir Mohamed the great Man of Malaysia, I too have in me a spoon or two of Indian blood. My mum, had maybe a pint of Siamese blood. Beyond that, who knows what more runs through our vein. The same thing happens to many who proudly call themselves Malay.

While I am glad to be classified as Malay, my roots through my father can only be traced up to two generation above me. Where else I knew many of my Chinese and Indian buddies had their roots traced in Malaysia furthermore than mine.

If you look at some of the prominent trash within UMNO today, without doubt you can say, they were not Malay at all.

Why we keep going back along the racial line? Didn’t God teaches us that no one race is superior than the other. Why bother about all this race factor when we knew that only God is the greatest and while He possessed the ultimate superiority unimaginable to human, yet He chooses to be colour blind. Why can’t we, the less complicated ‘item’ in the universe choose to become one as well?