Ehsan Malaysiakini

I believe it is ok to have taken the law into our own hand when those who we entrusted to enforce the law have betrayed us. I also believe there is no reason for Senator T. Murugiah to seek an apology from the police. Murugiah is there for the people. As a politician he is the servant of the people. It is his duty to not just be with the people when they need him but also to stand and defend the people.

My word for Murugiah, it is okay to be sent to prison for defending the people. After all, if you manage to come out of the police lock-up alive, how worst can it be.

Contrary, the police has since recently, time and again failed to understand that they are the servants of the people and it is not their duty to protect themselves from their master. Yet, their behaviour is less than thankful to those whom actually paid their salary.

Kugan Ananthan is innocent until proven guilty and by the manner of the law in this country, Kugan has died as an innocent man.

To the Chief Police of Selangor who looks like the most stupid-est Malaysian ever alive, I have only one thing to say ‘Baso Anying!”. If we ever have the law that can charge Government Servant for being stupid while in office, he should the next to be charged after Rahim Noor.

“I am startled with the statistics revealed in Parliament last year: a total of 1,535 custodial deaths in this country between 2003…” – Read here.