Many pro UMNO political analysts tried to shift the blame of losing the Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary by election towards the outgoing Abdullah and it’s chosen candidate Wan Ahmad Farid but the truth, if you choose to hear it from people, the problem lies on the Prime Minister in Waiting, Najib Razak.

UMNO is still suffering from the denial syndrome and it members has becoming more and more ‘nyanyuk’. Nothing of a surprise as this is a normal ‘sakit tua’ which is cannot be cured anymore. 

Perception of the masses has deceived Najib. He may not be charged as a murderer but majority perceived him as worst than a murderer. By having Najib as the next president of UMNO, the majority knew than that they cannot rely on UMNO any longer for change and fair governance. 

UMNO is known to be corrupt to the core and by having someone, which worst than UMNO reputation to lead UMNO, can only be mean the end. 

The end is near for UMNO and no matter how much effort and money being spend to tarnished the image of Pakatan Rakyat, PKR – DAP- PAS has proven the can withstand the aggressor. Not once, not twice but countless. 

The truth is, there are two types of Malaysians, either they are UMNO (members, supporters and sympathisers) or they are the true Malaysians. The truth is, the true Malaysians has outnumbered the UMNOs. UMNO may soon find themselves running out of money to buy the true Malaysians.