Photo by The Star

The Malaysian Parliament has met on special sitting to debate  the motion on the situation in Gaza. According to The Star  “Israel has to be brought before a United Nations-sanctioned international war crimes tribunal for its atrocities and violence on the Palestinian people, the special Parliament session decided yesterday.”

I almost puked when I hear how the motion being debated by our elected representatives in Dewan Rakyat. I have written in this blog before and I repeated again here today, that Malaysia has fast becoming a Masturbation Nation. Fantasise as much as you can, but it remain illusion till the end.

When in came to the problem in Palestine, the world is separated into at least two side. The first is the one that look at the problem after the formation of a country called Israel. The one that sees how certain faction within the Palestine itself had taken the manner of terrorism to fight the legitimate government of Israel. For those who recognised the sovereignty of Israel will looked at the manner some faction in the Palestinian group who fired more than 80 rounds of small and inaccurate rocket towards the populated area in the Israel Nation. Not to mention that once in a while, some men and women from the same faction would enter the country and blast their fully loaded body and cause a lot of bloodshed in public are. As a sovereign country, Israel has the right to defend themselves and retaliate when necessary. Of cause, the hi-end Israeli weapons are much damaging and much accurate compared to the black market infested weapon bought by those faction amongst the Palestinian. And when highly trained professional uses the more sophisticated weapon, the damage is unbecoming. But then, isn’t this a domestic matter?  Wasn’t Malaysia international policy is not to interfere with other countries domestic matter?

Is this ethnic cleansing? In a war like this, how do you separate the military from the civilian? What happen when the fighters go around wearing civilian clothing and go hiding amongst the civilian? There is a very thin line separating the action of Israeli military compare with the ‘civilian’ of Palestine.

For the rest of the world, Muslim people mostly, we did not recognise the sovereignty of Israel thus, to us the Palestinian deserves to fight for their country. Does this mean we condoned the firing of rockets towards the populated area within the Israel border? Do we condoned the suicide bomber actions?

Perhaps the government of Malaysia recognised this long ago. That is why the Government run by the Barisan Nasional itself condoned the usage of terrorism against their own people.

How far is the difference between the action ordered by Musa Hitam towards the civilian clothing and poorly armed Ibrahim Libya and his gang in Memali? How far is this differed from the action in Batu Buruk in 2007 when highly trained police personnel fired at my brother Suandi and latter charged him in court after he managed to escape death?

What about the action of the municipal councils and the police against those squatters when they force into those civilians an orgy of terrorist actions. Mahathir Mohamed was quoted by the Prime Time news last night as saying, “when you make people terrified, you are a terrorist!”

And last but not least, what about when the government robbed the people from their hard earn income through policy like The Self Service System which brought me to turn the Nation flag upside down?

Is this Jihad or just pure nationalism? If Jihad why not the Muslim World join in hand fighting with those faction within the Palestine? Why are we only cry and angry when the opposite happens and left them alone and enjoying our huge trade with the United State of America most of the times?

It is easy to play with emotion but when the emotion subsides, do ask ourselves what have we achieve from the sudden surge? Let us stop this rhetoric and stop living in our fantasy. Let us face the truth.

As the peace loving Malaysia and to my fellow peace loving Muslim Brothers, let us get to the roots of this problem if we really sincere. We all hate war and its effects but do we actually hate all wars or only selected ones?

Till then, I will continue to light my Marlboro and sip my Coke.