Dangling To The Truth

I still remember when I had a brief fight with UMNOPutras in front of Masjid Wilayah almost three years ago. They laid on the stairs the Israel flag and force every Muslim who went there to perform their Friday prayer to step on it.

When it came to my turn, I refused to step on it and asked them to remove the flag to make way for me to walk pass them. They were very upset and accused me for not having any sympathy towards my Muslim brothers and sisters.

I snapped and point my finger towards one of them and shouted, “My God does not teach me to hate his creations. What you are doing is politically incorrect and not what Muhammad wanted from his ummah!”

For me, the mother of all the problems in West Bank ( and Gaza) is not lies with the Israeli’s people or the American leadership. It lies deep beneath the heart of our Muslim Leaders. The problem in West Bank (and Gaza) is the reflection of how the Muslim Countries had failed to perform their part in this World. With God’s given blessing and flourished with Petrol Dollar, yet what had they achieved?

I am not amused with The United States of America failure to solve the problem in Palestine, neither am I amused with the Government of Israel’s orchestrated attacks on the Palestinian men, women and children. Indeed I understood their actions.

What amused me is how weak the Muslim World is despite controlling the world’s most valuable commodity. What ashamed me is how we go begging to the US to solve our problem.

I wish to see before this episode end, that we the Malaysian people would march to the embassy of Saudi Arabia, the Embassy of Egypt, Jordan and the Headquarters of OIC and slam them with tonnes of protest notes. They are the one who are responsible to protect their Muslim brothers and that duty does not lie on the hand of the Americans.

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