This is my personal view. I have written this down a week ago but backtrack to give space for me to discuss it with few friends.

Religious is about faith. About having to believe wholeheartedly in it. As a believer, you cannot have doubt in what you believe. You must accept it in total.

I once heard Mukhriz Mahathir said, “As a Muslim, you must be a fundamentalist, you cannot take it moderately”. Mukhriz is not an Ustaz. What struck me most, not because he is not a member of PAS or because he is an UMNO man, but because he, not a Muslim scholar, can put it very simple and precise and make me actually for once, understood the reality of being a Muslim.

When we believe in Allah, and the concept of Allah as a god, the oneness and the perfection than we must believe that everything He said, everything He asked his prophets to teach us, is beyond flaw.

Then, if Hudud and Qisas are two of many things The Almighty had given to us, then how can we as His slave deny it?

To believe in Islam, you must be a fundamentalist, you cannot believe in few parts of the teaching and disagree with the rest.

I am not a religious man and far from being an authority in it. But I simply trust that it is incorrect for a Muslim to say that the Islamic Law is irrelevant for this Country. Because by having that idea, it means we are questioning the credibility of The Almighty. However, things are quite different if we say that, we are too weak and to shallow in strength to implement such a divine law. Nevertheless, there must be a yardstick to it. We must first try and work wholeheartedly, only then, if we fail, then we can ask for His forgiveness but never to give up. Instead we pray for Him to give us more strength.

It is the duty for all Muslim to implement what being request by The Master from them. And for that, I believe anybody from other religions will understand that. It is much easier for Malaysians as we live in multiracial country and we so used to celebrate our differences.

Malaysian Muslims understood the needs for the Hindus to do their duty as one. Malaysian Indians understood the needs for the Muslim to slaughter the cow, which is holy to them. And so it goes with the Christians and others.

Personally, I believe the fight to implement Hudud is far more important than the needs to even talk about Ketuanan Melayu. All Malays under our constitution is defined as Muslim. All Muslims are slave of God. Why should we be very busy talking about our supremacy? Do the angel, upon our death will ask us whether we are Malay or Chinese? We believe that the angel will ask us about our duty as a Muslim and the angel will not ask anything along the racial line. Why should we waste our time creating such a tension by fighting for something that is not requested by the Master from us?

Nevertheless, I bet, all Malay upon death will be grilled about their role in implementing what God request from us.

I personally also believe, it is not difficult for us to implement Islamic Law if majority of us actually understand the law and if those politician who understood the law talk to other politician who are not Muslim and explain to them about the law. What we need is a forum.

Did Muhammad S.A.W impose Islamic Law on non-Muslim in Madinah? How is the law being implemented in other Muslim countries? What are the rights of non-Muslim? As a Muslim, surely we believe that God’s Law is best for all of his creation. But does God allow us to use the same law for those who believe in other than Him? I trust those are not a set of difficult question and we have ample scholar who all this while their words never reaches us because we do not go to the places where we can hear their voices and they did not come close to our territory for us to hear them. Let us keep that argument for different day.

Next, we should do scientific study to prove that punishment like the canning in public, the chopping off of one hand and the beheading, which all deem as sadist, brutal and inhumane is actually more humane, compared to the canning in prison today and the lynching of those criminal of all the death penalty cases. Lets not go into rhetoric but prove it scientifically. Didn’t God has many times in the Holy Books challenged us to study his request and throw away all doubt if any? I surely believe, if I managed in my lifetime finish reading the translation of the Quran, I will not find anywhere that He demands from us to fight for Malay Supremacy.

God also has many times asked us to feel secure and only fear him. He never asked us to fear of loosing our nationality, our tradition, and our rights, which based on racial line.

Believing but not having the strength to follow what we believe is a different matter, Islam has the term for it, but to many of us, me included, this world is just so truly beautiful and sway us away many many times. Perhaps life began at 40 or one day, when we retire we then plan to be a good Muslim. But for those who had the strength in them, it is no harm of pushing what they believe and definitely many of us will then follow suit.

Nevertheless, like many naïve Muslim, I cannot believe that by implementing God’s Law, will harm our nation. Because by believing in that, will only mean my God is no more flawless.

We have faith in God that He is the best in any business known to mankind. So how can by implementing what He demands from us will harm the businesses, the economy, the racial unity etc?

But then, what about the reputation of those nations or government that implement the Divine Law based on their interpretation? Hmm, doesn’t God teaches us that, when in doubt, just know that He is the best Judge. He leads the highest court and justice will be served accordingly.

To my non-Muslim friends and readers, please do the nation a favour, go asked those knowledgeably Muslim or the scholar about the Law. Ask for a Forum. Demands to know your rights. Make sure you will fight for nothing but the best for you. Talk to your religious leader too.

I trust all our believes offer nothing but the best solution to mankind. Didn’t it teaches us to correct the wrong, to leave the bad and to follow the right. To give when we have more, to share when we have little and above all to believe in equality. We are not stranger, we are brothers and sisters.