I can still remember back in the early nineties, I used to roam the Minden Hill and almost every alternate evening, I will take 2 km walk down through the Minden Gate of Universiti Sains Malaysia to Gelugor. Obviously it was only for one reason, and the reason is Shariff Nasi Kandar.

Ask any USM grads and I bet the majority will tell you about how addictive the Nasi Kandar is and some even claimed it was lace with ganja.

Towards the end of my time in USM, my routine walk was accompanied by a Johore Babe. Tonight, the same Johore Babe who is now my wife of 12 years and our 4 kids were in Gelugor to taste our beloved Nasi Kandar.

new01152008Shariff Nasi Kandar in Gelugor

Shariff Nasi Kandar is still there. Everything is still the same. The smell, the texture of the gravy, the queue and even the stall. As I queue with other patrons, I felt 18 years younger but 20 kilos heavier.

Once I swallow the memory of the great Nasi Kandar, I realised my taste bud has grown older. Perhaps something is better to keep it as memory. Just like my memory of Kelantan. Maybe its time to admit my mistake of trying to live in Kelantan and claimed I am happy with it. But again, maybe one or two tiny incident shouldn’t change the whole perception of things.

new01132008Meqna and Wef tasting their parents’ memory

Perhaps fighting one battle too many in a war that is not mine is enough to take the sanity away from me.