dad-with-ottoDad (right) with General (Rtd) Othman

The journey with my dad to Kunming, China somewhere in 2002 was a journey, I wish both of us never had to go through. I did cherish the moment but it just confirmed to ourselves that we had never outgrown the distance between us.

It was actually the last chance for us to outdo all the differences we had all the years as dad passed away almost a year later. Unfortunately it failed miserably.

We went to Kunming to meet an oncologist there. Our entourage includes General (Rtd) Othman ‘Otto” and his family. Both, The Late General and my dad were suffering from cancer at the terminal stage.

sheih-with-dad-2Sheih with Dad in Kunming

How I wished I had a recorder with me that I can record their anecdotes about their service in Congo under the United Nation banner. One night, as all of us were sitting at the hotel’s lobby, my late father relate one of his classic army tale, and it was about his encounter with the Indian Army and how they were comparing their rifle. The Malaysian Division was very proud of their up-to-date weapon they were equipped with while the Indian Division, who were using very much inferior weapon tried to downplay the importance of the weapon and said this, “my brother, it is not the weapon that matters, but the man behind it”.

What I missed most of my dad is all the army tales that he kept relate to us. He was a great storyteller and his story is not a mere tale of an old soldier, but full of wisdom and substance.

And behind his laughter in relating those army jokes, I can sense deep frustrations but no regrets.

Dad is like those old days freedom fighter and politicians, whom died penniless but leave us mountains of treasures to cherish.


Nevertheless, I would always be proud of the facts that I managed to bring him to the cinema to watch Pearl Harbour and the National Stadium Bukit Jalil to watch Manchester United vs. Malaysia. To think of it, we do actually had something in common.

sheih94Sheih with the hairstyle Dad hated most

This Friday, 21st November, I shall walk to Bukit Aman’s Commercial Crime Building to face my investigating officer and to know whether I am going to be charged or not. How I wish he also would be there to walk with me.

p/s I shall be on leave until New Year 2009. Hope to be able to update this blog more constant then.

Selamat tinggal bunga ku 

Aku bermohon pergi dahulu 

Terima kasih seruan ku 

Jasa mu untuk diri ku

Ke timur atau ke utara 

Tak tentu dimana nak tujukan 

Setitik airmata 

Dititiskan dibuang jangan

Sekiranya aku masih 

Berada nun jauh di balik awan 

Salam yang bahagia 

Khabar yang gembira ku kirimkan

Inikah akhir bertemu 

Bila nian kan berjumpa lagi 

Ingatlah pesanan ku 

Jaga baik diri mu sendiri

( Lagu : Johar Bahar / Ahmad Wan Yet – Lirik : Johar Bahar )