My Dearest Chai Kee,

Recently, I visited the old Sultan Ismail College’s block where we used to call our home. The classroom which we spent our upper six is still the same. Almost everything stills the same. The only thing that has change is us. You, me and all our fellow buddies.

Life is such, we keep thinking or actually we keep hoping that nothing will change. But human is an agent of change. We change everything and we also make changes to ourselves.

How fool am I thinking that people won’t change.

This morning while I am driving to work, SM. Salim remind me of how foolish I have been. Let me share the wise words with you. I always thought the glamorous film life is not mend for me but now I realise, that is life. This is life. The people in the film industry or the people in the world of politics are just the same actors. Even the script is the same. Those who are really sincere and loyal will never go very far.

They will get all the praises but end up penniless.

And that day, as I stood and stared at the desk in front where you used to be seated, I knew, although everything still looks the same for me and although all the fond memories still very fresh but something is not very right. This eerie feeling haunted me, the feeling of being a stranger in such a familiar land.

I knew than, things have change.

Kusangka aur di pinggir tebing
Kiranya tebu di pinggir bibir
Kusangka jujur pancaran batin
Rupanya palsu penghias zahir

Kukira hati jiwa nurani
Suci seindah wajah terbayang
Ku kira puji seikhlas budi
Kulupa lidah tidak bertulang

Dimanis gula semut binasa
Kail berduri bersalut umpan
Dimanis kata insan terlena
Kerana budi hamba terkorban

Inikah dia lakonan hidup
Dipentas dunia insan berpura
Tipu dan daya pencapai maksud
Budi dan harta merangkum noda