Thank you to all readers, this year we received an overwhelming response for our Ramadan Charity 2008 (RC2008). Kickdefella managed to collect totalling of RM30, 000 from the readers compared to a humble RM4, 000 last year.

I wished to thank Kijang Care for all the hard works in handling the donations, zakat and fidyah. I too wished to thank Brother Khir of Tabung Amanah Tok Kenali whom has identified the receivers during my absence.

About RM13, 000 where spent on grains, sugar, flour, cooking oil, biscuits, cordial syrup, kain pelikat and head scarf. The balance is given in cash. We managed to give away 300 hampers and RM15, 000 to single mothers, the poor and needy and to not so lucky Malaysian, which includes about 20 non-Muslim families.

The recipients are from Jelawat in Bachok, Kemuning in Machang, Demit in Kubang Kerian and Gual Ipoh in Tanah Merah as Bariah and me decided to stay low this year around.

Previous year we handled the entire event ourselves, however, for this year, we did our best just to be the shadow.

Nevertheless Bariah and me had to attend today’s ceremony as it is done in Kubang Kerian and Bro Salahuddin Ayub, the MP of Kubang Kerian was there to help to distribute the goodies and cash. I tried to hide but when Bro Salahuddin announced my name and it is very difficult to hide anymore because of my so public appearance in metal accessory lately.

When Bro Salahuddin jokingly said he wish me more luck for next year, I said perhaps I need not need to spend several more Ramadan nights in the lock-up in order to collect more.

Besides Donation, Zakat and Fidyah, we too received some amount of money by readers from Kickdefella and various other sites that wish to donate to me when I was arrested under Sedition Act last week. We donated back the money to RC2008.

Kijang Care also visited few families in Panji, Lubok Jong and Pasir Mas and donated substantial amount of money and clothing, which we collected during the campaign.

Details will be updated in Kijang Care’s website. Readers can also check on the financial statement.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank all of my readers for the donation. I am proud to know that Kickdefella readers are not just generous but a truly heroes.
Salam Aidil Fitri to all!

Bariah Ishak, Coordinator for Kijang Care