An Earthquake victim hold Chinese Flag upside-down during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic as a signal of “Nation in Distress” due to the earthquake. China is more open than Malaysia! Original source

As the reporters rushed to shoot question to me, I asked them, who is The Prime Minister, one reporter for a TV Station, smiled and said, “Pak Lah lagi”, and I said, “Kalau macam tu saya nak masuk lokap baliklah…” I then turn away from them.

Staying inside the police lock-up in Kota Bharu Police Station and in Dang Wangi Police Station was a very memorable and peaceful experience. I found solitude and I felt very close to god.

I spent my time praying and recite Quran verses. I found a wonderful time to pray for Mama and Abah. My confidence grew and I took all the barrage of insults and turn them into respects. As I walked pass the other detainees for the last time, they took turn to shake my hand. I entered the lock-up as a humble man fighting for the small people, when I left, those small people in the lock-up looked at the small man in me as one of their friend. I shouted ‘Makkal Sakthi” trice and say my salaam. They clapped their hands in return.
One of the Police Personnel there told me he would start blogging immediately after he finished his shift for the day. All of them, yes I mean all, asked me to help to fight for the Polis DiRaja Malaysia as they said, their morals it at the lowest.

I told the press, I got more infos about the police rather than the police getting infos about me and I told the press that we should send Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to the lock-up, so he will finally find his Ghazali. I told the press, I enjoyed my time there and it is a treasure for me. I strongly believed it would be good for Dollah too.

My lawyer and me agreed that I should be charged so we can fight this politically motivated case in court. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will be one of the witnesses I will call to the stand. Others will include Shahrir Abdul Samad and Deputy Minister Saifuddin Abdullah.

I will ask my lawyer to let me throw questions to Dollah. I hardly wait for the moment.
I had such a great 4 days 3 nights holiday with PDRM and I knew they too enjoyed my company. I made more buddies in the 4 days than I made in a year. I have no complaint about the food, as that is the reality of those poor and small people for which I am fighting.

Of course I do not anticipate Ramadan Buffet during this holiday as that will be a sin for me because those people whom I fight for, never ever even heard the word buffet, leave aside imagining about it in their life’s.
On behalf on my readers, families and friends and myself too, let us thank Chief Inspector Mohd Azuan Hussin, Detective Sabri and Detective Mahathir, Sergeant Halim and all the high-ranking officers in the PDRM for taking a good care of your beloved Kickdefella. Although it would not be a good idea to be seeing you guys often, let me just say this… You are really jolly good fellas.