An Earthquake victim hold Chinese Flag upside-down during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic as a signal of “Nation in Distress” due to the earthquake. China is more open than Malaysia! Original source

Hi folks, sorry for all the unreleased messages and comments. As you know, I have been away on holiday in Lokap Balai Polis Kota Bharu and Lokap Dang Wangi. I tried to check in at Pudu Prison but was turned away because not enough qualification.

I wished to thank all for the supports and prayers.

The police has treated me well and most of the time, beyond the call of duty. I made lots of friends too.

A PC is arrange for me at 5.30pm today for me to bare all. Hehehe if any….

Till then, rest assured, I have kick Dollah again as soon as I was released. You can ask the press.

Salaam and loves

From Seventh Rangers 

Would a person of the calibre and character of Lt Col Syed Abdul Aziz bin Syed Razak who inspired his men to greater glory have brought up a son who would insult the Malaysian flag? I emphatically say, NO! He loves Malaysia so much so that he is bringing to attention the rudderless ship cast adrift, especially so when the Captain and his crew have fallen aleep, symbolically that all is not well in Malaysia. He should not be charged at all, for sedition. It is a bankrupt government hell bent on scoring it’s own goal. The flag was not at all desecrated, it was a symbolic sign of distress. It is the strength of his father that is in Blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz, his convictions, his ideals, his principles and his love of Malaysia made him fly the flag upside down. Read More.