Since long ago, I have been very vocal about supporting the Internal Security Act. But I am always against the usage of it for political purposes. I respect the views of friends whom are against the so call draconian law. I share the sorrow of the families of those Malaysians who are detained under ISA.

ISA is a good answer as a preventive measure. A person should be charge under ISA if he is deems dangerous and his action or idea can damage the society and the country. He is not a criminal. He has yet to commit a crime. Nevertheless, if he is allowed to continue to roam freely, terrible things can happen.

But, if a citizen had committed the crime, he or she should be charge under the correct law for the crime that he did. It is no more an issue about preventing him to commit the crime. If crime happened, the authority should be able to prove it and all the evidence should point to the suspect. He meanwhile is protect under the constitution and is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

My personal view about the latest happening is this is no more a preventive move but rather a defensive move by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

As Malaysian, we should stand for what best for the country, even if it means that the usage of ISA is seek upon.

Stand for what best for Malaysia, not for what best for Abdullah, his family and comrades.

My love for the Guardian Angel of Malaysia will remain.