Dear Fellow Malaysian,

Yesterday, three of our fellow Malaysian, one of them whom I myself knew dearly has been arrested under the Internal Security Act. While, I personally supported the existent of such law, I have always did not condone the use of such act to derail the political aspirations of the opposing parties nor did I condone it’s usage when a person can be charge in the court of law using more appropriate set of law.

More than a month ago, I have called upon my fellow Malaysia to send the signal of a Nation In Distress to each and every Malaysian. I have received strong supports from many whom I have never met before. My fellow countrymen, we are indeed is still a Nation In Distress.

Ops Katak is a product of a weak leadership who try to continue its grip in power while they realise it is too slippery to do so. This is the Prime Minister’s last weapon to remain in the premiership for at least till mid 2010.

Today, I wish to call upon all Barisan Nasional’s component parties to leave UMNO. Ops Katak has proven the racist attitude of UMNO leadership. Staying close with UMNO will mean only one thing, to support the usage of racial sensitivities by Abdullah’s leadership in hope to remain in power.

Ops Katak itself, is racist. While Ahmad Ismail is enjoying the warm night clothed with his silk blanket in the chilly Malaysian morning, the person whom reported his racist remarks is in an unknown location under unknown condition to us.

We have today the chance to make a whole lot of different in our Malaysia. If the BN component parties abandon the sinking boat today rather than drown together with UMNO, a new coalition government will be form immediately. Our good friends in UMNO are welcome to meet us somewhere along the road on individual basis.

The ultimate task of this new government is to do a thorough reform in the manner the government has been running this country. A complete reform in the whole democratic process, which includes the reform in the electoral roles and the election system, itself.

After this immediate reforms has taken place, I know, the new government, which are form through the what popularly known as back-door, will dissolve the Parliament for a snap election and so the people, for the first-time since long ago, can cast their vote without fear or favour, in a totally free election. If we dream of a real legitimate government formed from a legitimate mandate through a clean election, than dream no more.

To those who question the legitimacy and moral of forming the government through back-door, I would love for them to think, how much different it is from winning many seats in the election via back-door through the controversial postal-votes and phantom votes in election devastated by vote buying.

If we want to be morally correct, we than have to take the action of removing all the avenues of doubt.

My fellow Malaysian,

This country is indeed still in distress, politically and economically. Yet, I beg all of you, please let us not tarnish this beautiful Ramadan with violent actions. Let us just do this changes via a whisper. Let us not shout for change but let us beg for one.

If we need to go out there, let us do it for one sole purpose, to help to show the road for all the BN component parties, and to lend our hand to lead them into the new political landscape.

It is now within our reach.