Ahmad Ismail, the UMNO Division Chief of Bukit Bendera got himself 3 years suspension from being active in UMNO, yet Dollah loves the bugger and not even dare to call Ahmad as ‘EVIL’.

Perhaps you cannot put the country symbol upside-down, because that is an EVIL thing to do, but you can turn the country upside-down, that is not evil.

And now, we all are reminded to be cautious in our writing and in thinking aloud.

Personally, Ahmad is just a pawn. UMNO is in deep shit and finding themselves and their partners in Barisan Nasional as the signature of the racist Malaysian. The Cabinet meeting had agreed to use Internal Security Act against those who played the racial cards. But whose game is that?


While I agreed with Tun Dr. Mahathir regarding how other races are very sensitive about Malays being racist, yet they are so insensitive about the Malays, I do believe that lately, UMNO whom had fought hard to give the Chinese school to the Chinese, Indian school to the Indian etc, has change so much that UMNO has become intolerable with multiracial Malaysia.

UMNO has fast becoming the weapon of mass destruction for the country. Why has this happen?

If I list down ten most racist Malaysian since Merdeka, I will find it hard to squeeze such name like Teresa Kok and Lee Kim Sai into the list that will be overloaded with names from UMNO.

I will as always support the use of Internal Security Act as a measure of prevention against disunity but I am against the use of ISA for political reason. If Hamid Albar decides to put his signature into arresting those whom have cause racial tension amongst us, I hope he will do it wisely, without fear or favour. I hope he will consider the roots of the problem; every reaction is cause by certain action. I hope he consider the damage caused by Khairy Jamaluddin towards the non-Malays. I hope he re-look into the Kris wagging by Hishamuddin Tun Hussein.

I hope Hamid Albar will act as a Malaysian and not as Malay. I hope I will be able to support him.

They are so many places for prayer in this country, and it is there for every religions. Why don’t we spend some of our precious time praying for our beloved Malaysia. Let us pray for wisdom to those whom we empowered to keep us as Malaysian.

Let us also pray for Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Anwar Ibrahim, whom we always look at them as a Malaysian more than of their race of origin to be given the strength in their fight for a better Malaysia.