Donation for Ramadan Charity 2008 has begun to pour in according to its coordinator, Bariah Ishak. For more info on RC2008 please click here.

Meanwhile, Kickdefella Photo Journal has been updated with a new collection called, LIVING IN EXILE.

Modern Arts is defined as a work of art that reflects the emotion of the artist. Living in Exile reflects the loneliness and the emptiness that is associated by a dark moment in live.

For many months I have been praying to God asking Him for a motivation to capture beautiful photos. What I got in return is a broken camera which given me the chance to replace my D40X with Nikon D300.

Living in Exile is my first collection using the D300.

Living in Exile

As I look into the viewfinder, I search neither the beauty nor a subject. I want to capture emotion. I search for the emotion. My framing must portray my feelings at that particular second.

If I capture it again another day, the outcome will not be same. It will only define my emotion of that day.

A work of art, when it catches you, will trounce you with an aesthetic experience. A feeling of being flooded by the overflow of emotions from it. It is not the beauty, it is the arts. Kickdefella Photo Journal.