UMNO Permatang Pauh Chief, Dato’ Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid had tendered his resignation as The Division Head. According to Kickdefella’s Sources within UMNO Tasek Gelugor, Jalil took the action after he was not chosen as BN Candidate for Permatang Pauh By Election.

The decision to chose Dato’ Arif Shah Omar Shah, which was endorsed by Najib Razak did not go well with Jalil and his supporter. Arif Shah who is also the State Assemblyman for Seberang Jaya was the contender for Permatang Pauh Division Head who the incumbent is Jalil himself.

According to an exco for UMNO Youth of Tasek Gelugor, Arif Shah supporter saw this decision to choose Arif as an endorsement by Najib for Arif Shah as this will be translated as Najib’s signal for delegates of Permatang Pauh Division to vote for Arif Shah in the coming Division Assembly.

Arif Shah also seen as rubbing salt to Jalil’s wound when he was quoted by mainstream media as saying that He will only back-off from toppling Jalil as Division Head if he won the By Election. Where else everybody knew that Arif Shah would never win the By Election.

Jalil and his supporter took Arif Shah’s words as a sign of how adamant Arif is to topple him. Thus, Jalil who garnered strong support from at least 14 branches in Permatang Pauh has made public his dissatisfaction by tendering his resignation.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi saw this latest eruption in UMNO Permatang Pauh as a sign of continuous disability by Najib Razak to solve the problem in the grassroots and have taken the task himself by making a surprise stop over in Permatang Pauh after the nomination day to consult Jalil and his supporter. Till this posting is written nobody is willing to confirm whether Jalil has retract his resignation letter.

Meanwhile, my same source from UMNO Tasek Gelugor also informed me that Nor Mohamed Yakcob, The Second Finance Minister and Member of Parliament of Tasek Gelugor has openly saying that “Arif Shah is a gone case” during the Nomination Day in Institut Perguruan Tuanku Bainun in Bukit Mertajam.

The remarks came while Nor Yakcob watched Arif walking passed him towards the Astaka for the official announcement by the Returning Officer.

Nor Yakcob was also heard laughing and said, “There goes another friend of us…”