Selamat Tinggal Bungaku, Kenang Daku Dalam Doa Mu

I will not comment on Haji Hadi’s statement and indulge into stumpy politics. Rather then wasting the space in the World Wide Web with it, let me just waste my time by interviewing myself. Below are those questions that people always throw to me for years and my honest answer.

1. Your favourite song is SM Salim’s Kenang Daku Dalam Doa Mu, is it a joke or April Fool came late this year?
SM Salim? I adore him as much as I adore Mokthar Dahari…

2. So you really hear SM Salim’s numbers?
Let me just list the top ten most played numbers on my ipod.
i. Kenang Daku Dalam Doa Mu by SM Salim
ii. Surah Ash-Shams by Mishary El-Efasy
iii. Mohon Kasih by SM Salim
iv. Rindu Hatiku Tak Terkira by P.Ramlee
v. Foolish Game by Jewel
vi. Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones
vii. Jikalau Abang Merindu by Nona Asiah
viii. Pertama dan Terakhir by Rusty Blade
ix. Tanda Kasih by Hail Amir & Uji Rashid
x. Srikandi Di Sisi by Belantara

3. This is a joke right?
Umm? But I surely caught my office mates by surprise when I first hooked-up my ipod to my iMAC, but later I realised every time I came back to the office, somehow the volume on my iMAC is by few decibel louder than before I left. Someone else is enjoying it too… I guess they just too embarrass to admit it….

4. Mmmm, How you describe your taste in music?
It is like a can of lychee. When I was small, we have to share a can of lychee amongst 7 of us. I promised myself that when I can afford it, I would buy a can for each of us so we need not quarrel over it. When I start living on my own, I bought a dozen cans of lychee every month, and stared at those cans until it reached its expiry dates. Now, I swear not to buy it anymore. Are we talking about lychee? By the way, nowadays we can get the fresh lychee from Pasar Gok Kapur, so why bother to buy the one in the can?

5. Maybe it is time to change the topics, would you like to comments on your children’s name, their name is considered long if it is join with your name?
Really? My mother always remind me that we should use the recycle name from our ancestors as it were written in the ‘salasilah’ so I named my first son with my father’s name. I wanted to name the second one with the name of Shah Jehan’s son, Aurangzeb. But then it brought shivers to me thinking what happen if he grows up and become like Aurangzeb and put me in prison like what Aurangzeb did to Shah Jehan? So I end up by naming him after my granduncle. But I also want him to have his own name so it became Rifqi Najmuddin. The third one should carry the name of my uncle but again he should have his own name so it became Rayyan Razzaq. My wife always wanted to name our daughter as Qistina and we think four is enough. The problem arises when I still have one name that I wanted to give if I have another son, so we combined it and became Qistina Rayshad. May you ask me a question about football?

6. Yes, sure, why not. So let’s talk about football? What you want to talk about football?
I still remember Isthiaq Mubarraq and Marina Chin, and how they were gossip together. Then came Rabuan Pit.

7. So they are your favourite local footballers?
Obviously not. SEA GAMES 1977, it was like performing in the Olympics. SEA GAMES today is just like Primary School Sports Day.

8. What about politics? Let’s hear your view on politics.
Mokthar Dahari is the best, but let us not forget R. Arrumugam The Spiderman in front of the goal. Shukor Salleh, Santokh Singh, Abdullah Ali, Then the East Malaysia connections like Hassan Sani dan James Wong. I still remembered the day we beat South Korea and qualified for the Olympic in Moscow. Mokthar was out injured, but we still have Hassan Sani doing the magic and James Wong who scored the winning goal. But I never like our ‘tauke’ Soh Chin Aun, I do not know why. But he did save us more than we can remember how many times Abdullah Ahmad Badawi changes his mind.

9. So you think there are better politicians than Pak Lah?
I think Mokhtar Dahari deserved a Tan Sri-ship more than Pak Lah deserved a ride in our Perdana V6 with Gearbox Rosak. I think Pak Lah needs a Kancil. At least the Kancil is known to be brainy.

10. Who you think should take over from Nik Aziz as the MB of Kelantan?
Where is Awang Adik? By the way, how come Dato’ Shake did not made the list in my top ten. Somebody must be tampering with my ipod.

Hey, let us hear what my brother Bakaq has to say!