I asked for Strength…
And God gave me Difficulties
I asked for Wisdom…
And God gave me Problems
I asked for Prosperity…
And God gave me Brain and Brawn
I asked for Courage…
And God gave me Danger
I asked for Love…
And God gave me Troubled people
I asked for Favours…
And God gave me Opportunities

I received nothing.
I received everything.

– Author unknown

Still remember your first job? Still remember how you smiled all day? How cheerful you are and how you made everybody’s life so easy?

I still remember mine, but not with all the details. Sometimes I can still revisit the feeling especially when I am involved in providing the job to the person who needed it most. When I see how the person smiles, I knew that feeling. Each and every one of us has been there. It is such a sweet moment.

Remember your first love? Or the first time you have a crush on someone? Is it your teacher or neighbour next door? Remember the sense of hanging mid-way not sure how to make your first move and having sleepless night thinking how you have missed the opportunity to make the first move? How frustrating it is.

Two different beginning but it is among the few rare moments in life that is worth to revisit it.

As I browse the net today, I stumbled upon those above poetry from an unknown poet. I though it is worth to share with my readers.

Perhaps we do actually have something in common, yes, after all that has brought us apart lately.

Friends come and go but beyond the friendships, there’s always the memory that you cherish with them that will last forever.

Let me end this posting with the lyric from my favourite song by SM Salim.

Sungguh jauh dikau pergi

Berpisah untuk selamanya

Tiada lagi senyum mesra

Dan gurau senda

Ingin ku turut bersama

Apa daya ku tak terlarat

Sudahlah memang nasib ku dik

Demikian rupa

Ku berdoa agar dikau hidup bahgia

Jangan bimbang padaku nan berduka

Tapi dik kau jangan lupa

Kenang daku dalam doamu

Itulah ku pinta dari dulu

Waktu bertemu