Dear fellow Malaysians,

Beginning from today, I will raise my Malaysia Flag upside down as a mark of protest. My fellow Malaysians has suffered enough by unjustified policies and flip-flop decisions by the government, not to forget unscrupulous politicking amongst politicians. This country has gone backward in so many aspects.

It has been a long-established custom for us, every August to raise our national flag as a proud Malaysian to mark our Merdeka Day Celebration. I would like to urge my fellow countrymen to keep doing the same this year but let us fly our beloved flag upside down.

The upside down flag is accepted as official signal of distress. By displaying it properly, it is not meant to be or it is not recognised as any type of disrespect.

As we were discussing the future of this country, we should realised that Men and Women of this beloved Malaysia begins to suffer more than they have too, some started to lose their jobs while others find it more and more difficult not to lose their sanity.

Some still cry over the lost of Sharlinie and the death of Nurin. These two unfortunate Malaysian are the future of our country and they have brought us together is so many ways; yet, despite the sorrow, what have we achieved?

If you have a reason to disagree with the manner the country is heading, then you have a cause.