I brought this matter up when Shahrir Abdul Samad made the announcement a month ago.

Today, I realised that it has become reality. As I pumped my own petrol with the implementation of self-service system through out the nation beginning August 1st, I had a small chat with a kampong girl who assists me at the pump.

Sheih : So what happen to you all after this?

Girl : Come September 1st, they will retain only 2 staff, the rest, me included, will be out of job.

Sheih : Just like that? So what will happen to you all?

Girl : Jobless….

Sheih : Then how?

Girl : What else to do? It is not easy to get job nowadays.

If I do have all the mobile numbers of the Pro Malay / Islam Unity thingy, I would have call them and said this, “If you really care about Malay and Muslim, and if you really sincere about it, then together we have to work on something to make the government change their mind which will surely help thousands of this petrol kiosk pump attendants that will effectively lose their job beginning this September due to federal policy.

Majority of these people are Malay and they are Islam. They are not Bangladeshi!

While some of our Members of Parliament are busy sleeping in Parliament and talking politics outside, does any of them actually brought this matter up and try to save the future of this soon to be jobless Malaysia?

And to my critics who think that I should be toast in hell for criticising the Malay / Islam Unity talks, I am telling you, Malay / Islam Unity talks is not about saving one Man’s job. It is about saving those innocents who have no other way to survive this cruel world surrounded by politicians like you all.

This is not half-truth, this is the truth!