Is this what we get if we have Anwar as Prime Minister?

I personally have no problem with it. I have lived in both worlds. The strict traditional world and the very urban so call modern and liberal world. Still, I may have problem thinking of which world my children going to live in. As  I believed in the fundamental aspects of my religion and I pushed my kids to believe in the fundamentals too.

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Maybe I am wrong, but when you feel secure you will not be intimidated by the surrounding.

Hishamuddin Rais may appreciate butt showing showmanship, some in UMNO too do enjoy it. Showing and watching butt do not relate to any political believes. Showing and watching butt too, as far as I am concern, do not relate to any religions too. But culture wise, maybe.

Nevertheless, for males to enjoy watching other man’s butt or enjoy showing theirs in public I have to admit, to me; I strongly believe it is fundamentally wrong. I shall be very worried if my sons will have to grow up in that particular society.

For the organiser, all parties included, to brush such incident aside is illogical. To let it happen, for what ever reason it is, is irrational. For not knowing it going to happen, is absurd.

In such highly charged, highly publicised and highly political event, it is a grave mistake to just ‘overlook’ the matter.

I will defend my rights for not agreeing with the Carburetor Dung butt show yet; I will defend their rights to do whatever they want with their butts. Nevertheless, never ever try to butt around my kids and me. While I may just lead my kids away from their butt showing action, but still, I believe who ever wants to kick the Carburetor Dung’s butt has all the butts rights to do so.

Some may claim that the particular incident has been blown out of proportion due to it being taken out of context. The context to them is about visualising the butt-licking attitude that is associated with the lyric of the song. I choose to differ because the context to me is a highly charge, highly publicise and highly political event surrounded by some butt-action accusations amongst the leader of two political parties. So whose context is more important? Butt magnate Hishamuddin Rais and Carburetor Dung or the masses?

Yet to me, I still strongly believe it is not wise to just simply butt around and in times to come, it shall be wiser to just watch your own butt.

Extended Version – Warning 18 SG

Well to put thing back in context, below is the lyric of the song, Mari Nyanyi Menjilat (not Mari Belajar Menjilat as written in the paper). This number is in one of their album which also includes song such as Macam Celaka and Hanturaya Putrajaya.

This statement was posted in Carburetor Dung’s blog, “The problem here is our song “Mari Nyanyi Menjilat”. Macam biasa, Alak did his exposing his underwear thing and of course dalam situasi panas tentang “liwat-meliwat” sekarang, aku rasa that gesture was misunderstood by the people there.

reports I saw also misquoted the title as “Liwat” instead of “Jilat”, so if some bloggers made the mistake, I’m sure a lot of the people in the stadium misunderstood too. So many took umbrage lah, thinking that we were making fun of Anwar. Actually I even explained to the crowd the gist of the song before we played it.

The thing is aku rasa Alak was in his “auto-pilot” mode. We have been playing that song for a long time and to a lot of people for years already and Alak have always been doing that to heighten the “satire”. The kids in the scene would get the joke all the time but we can’t expect the same from the public. That’s our mistake”.


Wahai pemuda, wahai pemudi
Jadilah kamu rakyat yang berbakti
Kami berjanji akan tepati
Semua impian yang anda hajati

Rumah yang besar, kereta yang mewah
Semuanya ada di tangan anda
Hidup yang senang penuh jaminan
Jangan bertanya, serahkan pada saya

Jilat, jilat, mari semua menjilat
Jilat, jilat, jilat sampai berkilat

“Macamana? Ada berani ka? Ini tawaran hanya sekali braders and sistas! Apa tunggu lagi, kami tak tipu punya, Ini real, ori punya! Gerenti kaya-raya! Mari, mari!”

Jilat, jilat, mari semua menjilat
Jilat, jilat, jilat sampai berkilat

Wahai pemuzik, underground rockers,
Jangan bermimpi, jangan idealistik
Kalau nak kaya, nak jadi rockstar,
Marilah mari, sain kontrak kami,

Nak masuk radio, masuk MTV
Kenalah kamu menari macam kami
Tengoklah saja, Carburetor Dung
Cakapnya besar, tak kaya-kaya

Jilat, jilat, semua nyanyi menjilat
Jilat, jilat, mari semua jilat
Jilat, jilat, jilat
jangan tak jilat
Jilat, jilat,
jubur korporat sedap!

© 2004 Carburetor Dung