That is all I need to say about this latest backdoor incident that forced Saiful Bukhari to enter the police station through the front door.

No matter whichever way this saga will be heading, no matter whether Anwar will be brought to justice or to prison (again). Be it the front door or the backdoor, the result amongst the majority will be the same, via back or front door, Anwar is innocent.

Or this could be the opening of the backdoor for Anwar to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.

As a movie man I better say that this is an old story with a new screenplay written by an actor. This shall be an actor’s movie where he will be featured in most of the scenes while all the plots, the other characters and all the incidents revolved around himself. It’s a perfect story for an actor.

But a perfect story can be corny most of the time.

So if you want to watch it, than you better watch your back!