Thousands of Malaysians from Changlung, Kodiang, Kusial, Kampung Raja, Pontianak, Menggatal to Bilut will lose their income come August first, thanks to Shahrir Abdul Samad.

Shahrir had yesterday announced the implementation of Self-Service System for all Petrol Kiosk through out the country effective in the first day of August. While the government will be busy spending millions of ringgit celebrating the nation independent day, these Malaysians will be crying thinking about how they have lost their self dependency.

While many of the pump stations in the big cities are man by foreign workers, those in the small town are man only by locals. And for some, working at the pump station for merely less than RM500 a month is the only source of income for their family.

This cruel turn of event is the result of the increased of fuel prices by the Government led by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Yesterday, I received a link to a blog, which publishes a document trying to debate my posting regarding my findings on the absurd decision by Abdullah. I printed the document but only after reading the first page I find myself truly regretting it for it is nothing but wasting of ink and paper.

In the document, the government promised,

• A right formula will be used so the people will not suffer from the decision to reduce the fuel subsidy.
• The economy will not be effected by the decision.

Now, I wonder will the government justify this latest action as,

• A right formula?
• Nobody is suffering?
• The economy is good?

Malaysians are starting to lose job. Soon they will also lose their dignity and self-esteem. This is all only for the reason that we as a Malaysian and those in UMNO had fail to make Abdullah and all the deadwoods in the cabinet lose their job.

Those who have played the role in keeping Abdullah in power should be brought to justice and prosecuted for treason at the highest level against those Malaysians who were forced to face this economic calamity due to the incompetence in economic management by Abdullah Administration.

And for Abdullah and his Administration, I leave it to my readers to decide the charges that should be brought against them.